TimeTracker for Mac

This is a project which I took ownership of. It is hosted at Google Code.

It has these main features

  • simple and clean UI
  • easily record your time using project/task organization hierarchy
  • timer that nags you when you have been idle
  • CSV export
  • system menu bar remembers list of recent tasks and allows quick start without activating the GUI
  • comments!
  • ability to edit and reassign entries to different tasks / projects (double click on a recording)
  • prevent duplicate project / task names which can seriously screw up the database
  • laptop standby mode detection
  • filter your recordings by creating your own custom filters


The main window  TimeTracker for Mac timetracker4
The main window
Status bar quickstart menu  TimeTracker for Mac menubar
Status bar quickstart menu

This project is open source and its source can be downloaded at


To view it online, go to http://code.google.com/p/time-tracker-mac/source/browse/

Please also view always the most recent post in the TimeTracker category to be notified about new versions etc. Also you can subscribe to the TimeTracker category RSS feed.


In case you have problems/questions please see the FAQ section on google code first.


TimeTracker for Mac download button
download button

55 Gedanken zu „TimeTracker for Mac“

  1. I’ve just been testing several desktop time-tracking programs.

    TimeLog, OfficeTime and Billings are prettier and might have more features but are more fiddly to use and eat CPU cycles. And the extra features are not of use to me. So, Time Tracker it is!

    But, can I make a couple of feature requests?
    1. This one’s easy, I think. I’d like to have a couple more Notes fields. I’m sure other people might use them differently but I just want to track a) where I did the job (on site or my office), and b) which car I used for travelling.
    2. This one might be much more difficult. I want to collate my monthly activities to make a report. Even though I might have several events in a day, I would like some OPTIONS when exporting the data: to consolidate the comments for the day into a single exportable field and to total the time for that day. I would want the option to break this down by Task but that facility is already available via Export > Selection.
    Yesterday, I exported a CSV and then did this within Excel. It took a long time and there is the risk that I will corrupt the data – because I use the information for invoicing, errors are not allowed!

    I’d be pleased to communicated further on this.

    With thanks for a great product.

  2. We use Time Tracker and we really like it, because it‘s so easy to use. But there is one functionality which is missing. Especially if you work in teams. A central synchronisation with a server.

    Would it be possible to implement this to Time Tracker in a near future? That would be great feature!

    The only tool which is featuring a server synched time tracking is iBiz: http://www.iggsoftware.com/ibiz/multiuser.php

    But their Interface sucks a little bit 😉

    all the best

    1. Hi Thomas, I would love to spend more time and add some kind of synchronization plugins to popular time tracking services. The reality right now is that I simply dont have time to start any larger scale activities (and such a feature would be something like that). I definitely have a wish to do that at a certain point of time, but right now, I wouldnt how I could accomodate this into my lifes schedule. Also I would probably move towards an appstore model where the app would cost a little bit (certainly not more than 2 lattes), especially if I planned to spend significant amounts of time developing it.
      So right now on the free version, I will keep making fixes (if problems occur) and implement small enhancements that wont eat away the little free time that I currently have. Larger things will probably move into an appstore version which would then be basically a rewrite of the application using the latest 10.6 (and then 10.7) APIs to take full advantage of the new OS functionality.

  3. Agreed with #5 Thomas regarding being able to have multiple people working on a project at once, this would be AWESOME! if we can work this out some how!

    Can somebody from the development @ Time Tracker email me at sheldon@sparx.co.nz? Keen to chat more about possible donation etc as well.

  4. Hi,
    I have been using Time Tracker 1.3.13. Thank you for this useful program!

    But after using the program for several months, I’ve noticed a problem that I am hoping might be fixed in the next release. Say I log 8 hours per day from Sunday 12/25 through Saturday 12/31 for a total of 56 hours. If I use the “Custom” Smart Filters for Start Time greater than or equal to 12/25 and the End Time less than or equal to 12/31, the hours I’ve worked on Saturday 12/31 are not included. I’ve just discovered this after months of using the program and realize I have under-billed, missing any Saturday hours that I’ve worked :(. If you can fix this soon, I would really appreciate it as I prefer the clarity of your program to the Klok app.


    1. This is a known issue (and should be already documented on the FAQ). Mathematically it is correct but I agree that it is somewhat confusing. You always need to specify the next day. This is why I typically use the default custom filter which I use to just check a certain week.

  5. Hello !
    I really like your soft, but i’ve just switch for windows (yeah i know, but mac is so expensive for a freelance…), so do you plan to make it for windows ?
    Thank you anyways !

  6. Ok, thank you, i will try, if it’s less good, i’ll keep your soft on my mac and just press start when i work on my pc !
    Thank you for your nice soft !

  7. Hi Rainer – I just started using you version 1.3.13 – very nice, simple and straight forward – Well done!! The printing issue ( will only print selected field and not the complete project & button is shaded out) is still not resolved, or am I doing something wrong? When is version 2.0 available? I am not complaining as it is free and I appreciate all the help I can get. Keep up the good work!!! Thank You!!

  8. Hi Reiner,

    i just saw the great new “costumers” feature of the next version.
    Any chance to say when it will be available?

    If you would also add a To-Do-list, just like this one in ICal, Time Tracker would be almost perfect in my eyes.

    Best regards

    1. Jason I had started with adding clients but didn’t follow through with it yet. I haven’t really spent time improving it since I don’t really have enough time to do so. Maybe I will pick it up again at a later time.

      1. Would be nice to see Clients column. Or to move a whole Task (with all the items) to a different Project. Hope you’re finding some spear time to do this, Time Tracker really helping me keeping track of some time spent. Thanks!

    1. @Kevin, there is one, check the main toolbar. However, at the moment the project would need to be partially reconfigured / rewritten, to make it compatible with the new xcode (and that would need to be done before the start of the implementation of this feature).

  9. Hi … I am starting to use the program and entered entries then modified them … the duration seeems to be messed up.. how can this be fixed .. no matter what i do it seems to always have one second off.

  10. Hi Rainer
    I’ve just updated from OS X 10.6 to OS X 10.7, and in the move up have lost all my times in the Time Tracker programme. I do have an exported file, but can’t see how to open or re-instigate the times using it.
    Can you shed some light please?

  11. This app is wonderful. There literally one feature missing to make it perfect. There is no way to import CSV files into Google Calendar. If there was an option of creating CSV files that were compatible, I would be super happy. The layout of Google CSV is like this: Subject,Start Date,Start Time,End Date,End Time. Do you think it is possible to change that in a near future? I would gladly thank with a donation.

  12. Hi Rainer,

    thanks for maintaining and supporting “TimeTracker”!

    I just happen to discover this programme and upon trying it out I came across a bug:
    Clicking on the “New Project Button” will open an active line which can be named just by typing. Doing the same with the the “New Task Button” will only produced a task called “New Task” which can only be corrected by double clicking it. (The black correction window would open)
    I tried both versions 1.3.12 stable and 1.3.13 beta.
    I made some screenshots which I would like to sent by email to illustrate what I mean if you like.

    As an further suggestion I would like to have a different color for the tasks or projects I marked as “Done”, e.g. black vs. blue.
    Top-notch would be the possibility to custom choose a color for each task / project.



  13. Hi Rainer,

    Time Tracker ist very useful and I use it very often. But I miss only one “little” feature.

    It would be great if time tracker can connect to a server side script (e.g. php or js; one or more server) to exchange/synchronize the data via json objects (just with a mouse click and not in “real time”). The json-objects should be very easy (id, projectname, taskname, begin, end). So it would be possible for other people to write connectors for serveral online services.



    1. @Thomas, the thing is that Synchronization is really really hard. My plan is to have some kind of functionality to upload selected changes to a server (in my case JIRA). Round tripping is not really very important for me.
      That being said, my free time currently is pretty much non-existent, so don’t hold your breadth. However, you can enable auto csv-export and have a cron job or something similar upload these files, that would at least be a start.

  14. Hi Rainer

    Again, the App has been great and is the lynchpin of my business. Unfortunately, my move to a newer Mavericks-based Mac has me confused as to where to import my times.csv or the .plist file, and the FAQs don’t help.
    Does Mavericks do things differently than previous OS versions?

  15. Hi, why does it take so long to find a download link. You’d be losing loads of customers just because of this. There should be one big download button on this page, not a link to google. Learn about UX please.

  16. Ken it should work the same in Mavericks. Ive been using this since 10.5 and still use it today in Yosemite.

    Your data is stored in the Application Support folder. In Finder go to the “Go” menu and select “Go to folder”. Then type ~/Library and press Go.

    Then open the Application Support folder, scroll down to TimeTracker, this is where all of your data is stored. You can save this as a backup. When you want to restore just do the same thing and drag your backed up data.plist file here.

  17. I’ve been using Time Tracker for many years and love it! It’s the best and simplest app I’ve ever found for time management, and I basically run my business with it.

    Is there a way to save Custom Smart Filters and have them permanently live in the Smart Filters list? I know I can go to “Custom” and setup a filter the way I like it, but as soon as I click off of Custom (maybe back to “None” to see everything) the custom filter goes away.

    1. at the moment no. I haven’t updated the app in a while and doing so would require me to port the whole source base to the newer developer tools which are no longer compatible (which would be quite some work only to get it to build again).

  18. Hi. I rely on Time Tracker daily, and realize it hasn’t been updated in a while.

    I work on multiple computers in different locations. Is there a way to sync the data among multiple computers using Dropbox (perhaps by putting a Symbolic Link in Dropbox?). I’m looking for a simple workaround to link various Macs, since the software doesn’t have any cloud-based synchronization built in.


    1. In theory this would work, however you cannot have multiple trackers running at the same time. So you would need to make sure that you close down timetracker on all computers where you are not actively using it.

  19. Rainer,
    Time Tracker is still my favorite of all similar apps available.
    I wonder if you have any time to update it.
    The one thing I’d like to have is the ability to drag and drop single or multiple instances of tracked time to a different project or task, as once in a while I track time for the wrong task.
    Also, very occasionally the database gets corrupted (or something) and I have to locate and replace with a backup.
    Much obliged!

    1. @Richard you can reassign a tracked time entry to a different task by double clicking it. I know thats not quite as nice as dragging and dropping but it gets the job done.
      I am in fact working on an all shiny new version which will be able to also sync your tracked time into a 2ndary system such as JIRA. However, there is still a lot of work to do.

  20. Hey Rainer,

    First thank you for such a wonderfully simple and powerful app.

    I’m trying to automate the creation of new project and task. For example New Project > admin + research + final. I’m hoping to be able to click once and have this script make this template every time.

    So my question is there a way to give the editing of a task a command key? Or how hard would it be to add apple scripting to your program?

    Thanks for time and I’m excited to see your new work on this app.


    1. TimeTracker already supports applescript. It has already been added by the previous maintainer. However whether it supports editing tasks I don’t know.
      The main problem with the code base is that it would require some work to get it to build on newer xcode versions since a few of the features were deprecated. Therefore it’s hard for me to create new versions without spending a lot of time on it since I don’t have the old xcode and mac OS Version AT Hand anymore.

  21. I’m a big fan of Time Tracker, I’ve been using it almost daily for a long time now. After checking out several different options, Time Tracker is still my favorite. It does the job without being bloated.

    I see you commented ~ 10 months ago that you were working on a new version.. I was just wondering if you were still working on it, and how it was coming along? I’d love to see it. I’d also be willing to help out with beta testing, if you’d like.

    Are you planning on continuing to keep it open source? I’d love to take a look at the code, and possibly assist you if possible?

    Thanks again!

  22. Do you have any plans to update Time Tracker someday, e.g. to support Dark Mode? Is it a 64-bit application, so it will run on Mac OS X 10.15? (10.14 Mojave is the last to support 32-bit apps)

    1. I dont really work on the project anymore but it’s open source so anyone with the necessary skills can join in.
      The problem is that it will take considerable work to even get the project to compile again under newer xcode versions.

  23. Is there any way to delete all the time entries but leave the projects and tasks, perhaps by editing the data.plist file? I now have so many entries (8 years worth) that every time I switch tasks, I get a beachball for about 5 seconds.

    I have a simple-minded applescript which can delete the entries one at a time, but with >22,000 entries it would take >30 hours to delete them.

    I realize you no longer have time for working on the project; just hoping that there is a mass-delete method.


    1. I fear the applescript is your best option for now. The data in the plist file is binary encoded. So you don’t really have an option to batch delete from there.

    2. A follow-up for those in the same boat (not any suggestion to/request from Rainer):

      The applescript solution is not worth pursuing. The longer the script runs, the longer it takes to delete an item. So, for example, when I started the script last night, it was taking ~3 seconds per deletion. When I got up, it was taking ~15 seconds per deletion. I’m guessing this happens because the app has to cache differences, and this caching gets burdensome.

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