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Eclipse fullscreen mode on 10.7 Lion

Eclipse fullscreen mode on 10.7 Lion screen shot 2011 07 25 at 13 09 06

Oh my god, it is available! There is a plugin for eclipse that makes it fullscreen compatible for Mac OSX Lion (10.7). Find out the details here

In short you only need to add the following update location ( via Help->Install new software…


How to give Eclipse a bit more RAM on a Mac

galileo  How to give Eclipse a bit more RAM on a Mac galileo

If you are developing Java on a Mac, chances are pretty high that you are using Eclipse for development. In addition you probably (or at least you better) have lots of RAM too, however, Eclipse is a bit conservative when allocating RAM. If you have tons of plugins installed, or the plugins are quite heavy (Android SDK, I am looking at you), then you can easily get in low memory situations.

The way to change the max amount of memory reserved for eclipse is somewhat buried and not trivial to find (unless you ask Google). The way to do it is to go into the eclipse folder, right click on and then select “Show Package Contents”. Inside look for the eclipse.ini file (if you are running windows you can skip this step).

Here is my version of the eclipse.ini


The sections in bold are the ones that I have changed. Then just save the file and relaunch Eclipse. That should give you a bit more RAM and you should hopefully get better performance.