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Made some changes to Audiobook Maker

Made some changes to Audiobook Maker dbimage

If you are an audiobook fan like I am, then you probably often wondered how to create nice audiobooks with chapters and all. I am such a guy and have been using Audiobook Maker for a while since its open source and free. However, it has a few shortcomings that made me want some modifications. Unfortunately, it seems that the author has stopped maintaining the app and thus I went to work and made the changes I needed.


  • added warning when file > 350MB or > 14h since usually then ChapterTool bombs out
  • added support to process m4a and mp4 files (however, no bitrate transcoding yet)
  • fixed issues with files containing special characters like spaces, quotes, …

I will ask the developer to integrate the changes, if not, I will post the sources here.

A big thanks to the guys at


which tools I have used in order to process mp4 files.

Audiobook Maker

Audiobook Maker