TimeTracker OSX update 3

TimeTracker OSX update 3 timetracker4 300x137

Hey, this is a bugfix release of the latest TimeTracker for OSX. Please be sure to read the previous blog posts about it to know what it will do to your old settings files, etc.

Changes in this version
* changed NIB file format to 10.4 (might fix issues reported by some users)
* fixed a bug where workperiods (time records) in the right hand pane were not displayed when you had a filter on and had the “All Projects” item selected.

At the moment I dont have a 10.4 machine which is why I cannot really test it on 10.4 (although XCode says everything should be fine :). So if you are running 10.4 and have issues where time records dont appear properly please check the console for anything suspicious and mail me your findings (a screenshot and an exact description of what you were doing would be very helpful).

TimeTracker OSX update 2

Screenshot  TimeTracker OSX update 2 timetracker 300x112

Hey, this is the latest version of TimeTracker. Please be sure to read the previous blogposts about this version regarding backing up your old data.

This version willi now properly read old TimeTracker data files in <$HOME>/Library/Preferences/com.slooz.timetracker but the new files will be stored to <$HOME>/Library/Application Support/TimeTracker/data.plist.
Be aware that the old file will only read if the new file version is not available (initial data migration) subsequently the old com.slooz.timetracker file will simply remain untouched (it still does not hurt to make a backup in case you are not using time machine).

Another added feature is the ability to filter also in the comments. Just enter a text and only matching entries with matching comments will be displayed. Also note that all the totals (on the other panes) are properly updated 🙂

TimeTracker update

TimeTracker update TimeTracker2

Hey this is a new version of the TimeTracker. I have been trying to get the code integrated into the official source tree but so far Aaron seems to be very busy and we havent made much progress. So please read the previous post about my version of TimeTracker and some of its enhancements.

This new version adds

  • Icons from Esteban Reyes (thanks a lot!)
  • Day/Week/Month filter mode is now sticky (if you change the start date the filter will be immediately applied)
  • Compatible with OSX 10.4 Universal Binary (previous versions were Leopard only)


please read the first timeTracker post as well for instructions about backing up the data file

iGTD iPhone Export

iGTD iPhone Export tools
After lots of hackery I finally got a decent semi automated iGTD -> iPhone export working.

It goes like that:

  • it changes the default html export format of iGTD, based on the information here. You have to open the package contents of iGTD and replace the old export templates with these files. The template is inspired by the good looking OmniFocus bookmark exporter (OFfline)
  • then create a folder which will receive the exported html file
  • use this folder action script which is based on the information macosxhints
  • put the script into /Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts

How to use:

1. go to the context view (projects view does not work yet)

2. select File->Export to file

3. in the export dialog select “HTML table” as a format

4. save it in the folder that you have assigned the folder action to

5. done

In the near future I intend to extend this to also sync with an iphone data bookmark but for now this is already quite nice.

Grab the file here

MacOX J2ME development

MacOX J2ME development leopard

This Blog entry has
a nice description of what is necessary to get J2ME app development on
MacOSX going including antenna support. I figured out most of the stuff
myself before I stumbled over this post (grr).

To get the WTK recognized by eclipse, you need to try and lauch
<wtk-root>/bin/ktoolbar. This will fail since a folder called Mac
is missing. Just rename the existing Linux folder (in the specified
directory) to Mac and this should work. After this EclipseME will be
able to import the WTK as a device profile which you can then use to
build your project.

To debug you can then use MicroEmu in eclipse (as a standard java app rather than using EclipseME)

TimeTracker for OSX

Screenshot  TimeTracker for OSX timetracker 300x112

At the moment I am getting involved in a little program called
TimeTracker. Back when I was mainly using Windows I used TimeTracker
from http://0xff.net
which I liked quite a lot. The Mac version has similar features but
lacks filtering and reporting features which I am in the process of

Most of the features I need already work and I am in conversation with the project lead to get them integrated.

For the not so faint of heart here is a recent build which has these additional features

  • All Projects/ All Tasks view
  • Filter
    mode (Day / Week / Month). Pick a date first and then click on day /
    week / month to filter the records accordingly. In combination with the
    AllProjects view this is a powerful reporting tool as also all sums
    will be properly updated
  • preliminary csv export. Upon app close
    all records will be also saved into <$HOME>/times.csv (now that
    the filtering and summary views work, I hardly use it anymore)
  • ability to modify the parent task / project of an entry (no more delete and create new)
  • extended
    the idle watcher to also be invoked when computer goes on standby (very
    nice for laptop users, just close the lid and timetracker will notice
    that you dont work anymore)
  • highlighting of the current running time record (grey font) to immediately see which one is the active one.
  • added a “comment” field that allows you to write a descriptive comment of what you did.


The storage format of my version is not compatible with the currently
available version from googleCode. So if you got valuable data already,
be sure to backup:

before you try my version!