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Happy holidays!

I have finished most of the work required for FocusGTD3 (except for the big UI rework, but I will postpone this in order to finally get Omnifocus 3 support out of the door).

FocusGTD3 will be a new app / purchase. I know, this will not be popular but I have been supporting FocusGTD1/2 for approx 5 years with free updates and even though it might not be visible on the UI, FocusGTD3 is a huge rewrite of the whole underlying application backend.

Since many people have already offered their help in testing the new version, I want make use of this offer. I will open 10-20 testing slots for FocusGTD3.

So you are feeling brave and want to help getting FocusGTD3 out? Thats awesome!

Please note that FocusGTD3 is still in active development and not all features of the app might work properly.
It might loose/corrupt your data or cause other kinds of mischief (brick your phone, eat your dog or cause bad weather, …).

It should be good enough for simple task modifications.

So be sure to keep enough backups of your data in Omnifocus to make sure you wont loose anything.

In other words, you are using this verison at your own risk.

To sign up for testing please send me an email to support <at> with the subject “TEST_SIGNUP”.

‼️Please note that I can only enable email addresses from gmail or google apps for the test (Google Play limitation).

Also note that I already have a number of testers enabled yet, as I am fixing the first reports I will add more testers over time.

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