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focusgtd3 FocusGTD3 Status update drag drop
Finally, drag and drop support

Drag and drop support is coming!
Whew, I have been pushing this feature ahead of me for years and I didn’t want to start since I knew it would be a lot of work. So I have been procrastinating on this front for a very long time. Therefore, I was very nervous when I started to work on this feature.

I have been laying the groundwork for this feature already quite a while ago (even before starting to work on FocusGTD3), but its one thing to make preparations, and another to fully embark on the implementation.

So in a nutshell, it really was (and still is) a lot of work, but I really think this will make the app more useful for everyone.

The way it works is that you long press on a task and the moving shadow will appear and you can now drag the task to wherever you want.

Right now, drag and drop is only supported in projects and the inbox. Next up is DND support for tasks within a tag. I hope that this will be completed more quickly since I really want to get FocusGTD3 into the hands of a few testers and gather feedback.

6 Gedanken zu „FocusGTD3 Status update“

  1. I use OF3 both in my mac and iPhone, but since I also use a android phone it drives me insane not being able to share to dos. I really like you’re project therfore I’d be more than happy helping testing out and sending feedback. Let me know if I can be of help! Thanks,

  2. Hi Rainer,
    From the FAQ: Currently FocusGTD does not support the new repeat rules used by OmniFocus 3, therefore, I recommend holding off on the DB upgrade.
    Does this mean that FocusGTD is already usable with Omnifocus 3 for basic things like adding tasks to the inbox? Or is nothing working at all?
    Thanks for the reply!

    1. While it would be enough to use for completing tasks, the changes in the format are probably large enough to cause problems. So I really don’t recommend it.

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