FocusGTD3 Status Update

FocusGTD3 Status Update 2018 11 23 at 07
Tag Chooser

I managed to finish all widget related work as well as the tag selection screen used for assigning tags to a task.

With this, most of the features surrounding OmniFocus3 support are in place. 

I decided against initial support for custom alarms (notifications) since currently only OmniFocus for iOS supports this feature and I recon people want to get their hands on FocusGTD3 rather sooner than waiting for this feature.

So the overall standing looks like this:

FocusGTD3 Status Update 2018 11 24 at 05
FocusGTD3 task status

Basically this means I only plan on adding task reordering support and then I will start with in depth testing before the first alpha version will be released.

Dark mode and new UI will probably come as an update.

With that, I wish you a nice weekend.

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