FocusGTD2/3 progress update

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I have been mainly working on FocusGTD2 the last couple of days since google decided that it would no longer accept / distribute apps targeted for < Android Oreo.

At the time I didn’t think about it much so I told myself, “targetting Android Oreo can’t be that hard, eh?”. Man, I was so wrong.

New features of Android Oreo such as Doze mode and notification channels basically required me to rewrite much of the alarm notification system. So the last couple of days were consisting of setting many many alarms, waiting for them to go off and then curse at google when they didnt (which was far too often the case).

If you want to know more details you can head over to to see the madness. Basically, I now need to have 3 different code paths when I want to schedule an alarm based on the android version. Fragmentation FTW!

I am now slowly rolling out this release (first to testers and then perform a staged rollout and watch if there are unforeseen problems). After this intermezzo, I will go back to FocusGTD3.

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