Focus GTD3 Status update

Here is a short status update for how its going with FocusGTD3.

I started working on a new Omnifocus 3 feature which lets you show all tasks of a specific tag on the “today” view.

Overall I completed the backend for ordering tasks within a tag, but there is no UI to surface this functionality yet. Since FGTD3 implementation is taking longer than anticipated I will probably push some UI updates out to get a first version done sooner.

  • Backend
    • new database: ✅
    • downward sync: ✅
    • upward sync (minus task ordering in context): ✅
    • task tag support: ✅
    • tag ordering in tasks: ✅
    • task ordering in tags: ✅
    • custom alarms: ○
    • automatic database cleanups: ○
  • Frontend
    • inbox: ✅
    • project/folder list: ✅
    • context list: ✅
    • Forecast view: ✅
      • Forecast view settings: in progress
    • widgets: ○
    • search: ○
    • tags popup for task editor: ○
    • order tasks within tag screen: ○
    • task reordering within project: ○
    • complete UI overhaul: ○
    • dark mode: ○

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