TimeTracker 1.3.8 stable release

TimeTracker 1.3.8 stable release software update 150x150

This is a release announcement of TimeTracker 1.3.8. This is a bugfix release with the following changes.

  • IMPORTANT! requires Mac OS 10.5 or higher
  • fixed refresh of display after deleting a recording
  • migrated appcast update urls to new mercurial site
  • fixed calculation of filtered time (regression introduced by project closing support)
  • fixed issue 69 TT hangs when starting a task using the system menu while inactivity popup is shown

As always you can grab the build from here or just update via the app.

If you have problems, questions or other feedback, let me know.

7 Gedanken zu „TimeTracker 1.3.8 stable release“

  1. Rainer, thanks so much for your continued work on this project!

    In the latest release, renaming tasks bring a little slide-down pane. Having to move my eyes to a different part of the screen and wait for the little animation each time is actually kind of frustrating. It was really great the way you had it—double click to edit the actual name—just like every other Mac app. Please consider simplifying this feature to be more efficient and conventional.

    Much obliged!

    1. the trouble was that the old way of renaming caused problems if you were trying to rename while the timer was running (it was quite a mess). Also the panel now lets you “close” tasks.

  2. Thanks for this app. Using it on my last client project ensured that I made roughly $5K more than I would have otherwise…by keeping track of all time invested into the project.

  3. As mentioned above, thanks again for keeping this project alive, it’s a great tool for tracking time. With the latest update running on Snow Leopard I’m noticing that when I delete a task, the task list doesn’t remove it until I navigate to another project and navigate back. Also, when I have a task selected and select a new project in the project list, the hours section on the bottom of the screen is showing time from the last task selected.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. I completely love this program but I thought that it used to let me reorder (by dragging) items in the task window. Doesn’t do this now and if you try (it seems to me) to start going a bit buggy i.e. where you change projects some of the same tasks from the previous project remain in the task window.. Hope makes sense. But so pleased with this program


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