Moved TimeTracker source to mercurial

Moved TimeTracker source to mercurial mercurial 150x150

The source code for timetracker was migrated into a mercurial repository. It is still hosted on Google Code but it is no longer in the SVN repo. That means that the SVN repository is still available online but newer changes wont be visible unless you check out the mercurial repository. All history has been preserved.

I recommend MacHg in order to manage mercurial on a Mac. The reason for migration is mainly that I wanted to get in touch with a distributed VCS and learn. Also it helps me to work on multiple issues in parallel without needing to commit pending work to the server (while still keeping track of those changes).

If you have problems, let me know.

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    1. I moved to mercurial mainly due to the fact that I didn’t want to move off of google code. Another reason was that I prefer MacHG over GitX (but now with Xcode4 supporting got that might have been even better). Finally when I initially researched about dvcs I got the impression that mercurial was a bit easier to understand.

  1. Hi!
    Is it possible to restore drag and drop of tasks? It was working in version 1.3.6. I have raised it as issue 65 in googlecode.

    Thanks for your great work!!!

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