Resetting the USB keyboard type on Mac OSX

Resetting the USB keyboard type on Mac OSX mac keyboard detection 300x212

I have been troubled by this problems for a couple of days. I have a MS USB keyboard that I use with a Mac (I had it before switching to the Mac and still like it, believe it or not). Anyway, after I reconnected it one day Mac OSX asked me to identify the keyboard (even though I have been using it all along). Ever since then the keyboard behaved strange and the ^ and < keys were swapped, which is obviously quite annoying.

I asked our resident Mac expert and did a bit of googling but I could not find a solution. A couple of days later I could not stand it anymore and did some intense web research and I finally stumbled over this article.

You need to delete the following file in order to make Mac OS forget the keyboard type.


I disconnected the keyboard first, deleted the file, reconnected it and Mac OS asked me again to identify the keyboard. After that, everything worked like normal again.

Thanks to Riccardo Raneri, he saved my day.

2 Gedanken zu „Resetting the USB keyboard type on Mac OSX“

  1. Please help – i HAVE DOWNLOADED mackeeper with devastating results – my usb keyboard is totally corrupted. Have updated software, restarted . The Keystrokes are mixed up, and Caps Lock does not work. Keyboard works on other iMac

    Can someone help me – the file above is not on my IMAC

  2. I followed these steps, and managed to delete the file and restart the computer. Once I plugged in the usb, the mac prompted me to identify my keyboard. But once again it stuck at the identifying your keyboard screen. Any suggestions?

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