Mac OSX Uninstallation

Mac OSX Uninstallation perform uninstall
Are you also annoyed that on Mac OS while its super easy to install / uninstall applications, they often leave some trash behind (~/Library/ApplicationSupport …). With AppTrap you can automatically get rid of those files too once you delete an app.
It monitors your trashcan. As soon as you move an app to the trash it tries to find associated files and asks you if you want to get rid off them too.
And best of all, its free!

2 Gedanken zu „Mac OSX Uninstallation“

  1. Great application! Our projects are listed by project number. However, a project can sit for some time before I start to work on it. So when I add them to TimeTracker they are usually out of numeric order. Is there a way to do a numeric sort of the project list? Again, it’s a wonderful application that I use every day. Thanks!

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