TimeTracker b13 small update

larger time fields  TimeTracker b13 small update time tracker b13
larger time fields

This is a tiny update to b12. It now features larger time edit fields for people with locale settings where previously the whole date time did not fit (@Manu, I am looking at you :).

Also the list of the recorded times will refresh when you start a new time recording via the top menu bar (last recently used).

Have fun


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  1. Gorgeous additions to Time Tracker! Thank you.

    If you have time, a small feature I would love is the ability to move recorded time between projects. (I accidentally recorded about 14 hours to the wrong project and can’t figure out how to move it. If there is a non-gui way of doing this already, I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.) 😀

  2. Excellent application! Very useful. Many thanks!

    Still, a feature I think would add a lot — hide the application from dock and add the option of opening the application’s main window to the context menu of the menu bar icon.

    Also, while I can understand why only recent projects are listed in the context menu, it’s rather awkward to see an empty menu when launching the application.

    I realise you might not have the time to work on these features; in this case, if you e-mail me the sources, I’d be more than happy to try adding these features myself. (Of course, I’ll e-mail you my changes and not redistribute the application.)

  3. the new version is really great, a few bugs I’ve come across:

    o) Icon in menubar is way too big, looks ugly 🙂
    o) also the time in the menubar uses too much space in my opinion
    o) there is no button next to the ones (day, week, month) to show all entries again
    o) the way the new menubar-icon works is much improved to the official version, but it would be great if the option to start the selected task in the main window via the menubar would be lost (maybe an extra entry on the end of the last-used list ‘selected in main-window’)
    o) it would be really great if you could specify, which data is exported (maybe on a per-project-base, would be especially useful in combination with the auto-export for my university-stuff 🙂
    o) the specified separator charactor (settings) isn’t used everywhere in the export-file (i changed it to ‘,’ and still a few ‘;’ are used in the export, which destroyes the layout)

    hope this gets concerned in the next build, really looking forward to it


    off-topic-question: I found the code of the official release on github, is your code also available? if I find time, maybe I could contribute a bit …

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, will look into those when I have some time on my hands.

      Could you explain the following point a bit further?

      o) the way the new menubar-icon works is much improved to the official version, but it would be great if the option to start the selected task in the main window via the menubar would be lost (maybe an extra entry on the end of the last-used list ’selected in main-window’)

  4. well, I will try 🙂 …

    I meant that the functionality of the old menubar-icon got lost. In the previous versions there wasn’t a popup providing different tasks to start, it just started that task that was selected in the main window, or started a new one. I just meant to bring that functionality back, maybe being of of the options of the new popup (for example the 5 last used tasks and the last option would then be “start selected task” or something like that …

    I guess in my previous post I meant “if the option to start the selected task in the main window via the menubar WOULDN’T be lost” 🙂 …

  5. Hey, nice little app you’ve got here. I like this beta compared to the official release much better due to the (1) menubar timer and (2) the specific date filters.

    One thing. I’m on Leopard. Starting for the first time, I couldn’t get the menubar button to work. Additionally, the drop-down from the menubar won’t populate a project or task until I’ve started/stopped it from the main Window UI, or so it seemed…

    I’ve been searching for weeks for a decent (and affordable) project/task timer and this may finally be it … iron out the kinks and it’s awesome!

    Keep up the great work!


  6. Ok, one last comment. I’ve noticed when I click on “Day” it displays just the date that’s selected on the Pick Date filter. Might make more sense for the Pick Date to override the Day filter, and make the Day filter be “Today” … just a thought.

    Thanks again,


  7. Ok, I lied. One more. Since there isn’t a way to “Add” a time period, I started a time period and then went to edit it. Whether it was still counting or if I edited the time once it had stopped, the time period is lost when I click “Ok” … just disappears. Maybe because there wasn’t much of a duration?

  8. @Rob regarding the day filter. The problem is that this also is the start date for the week and month filter. I still need to figure out a good/better UI for the whole filtering process. If you have suggestions, I am all ears.

    Regarding the first time use, the toolbar dropdown is a last used list, therefore, it is empty until you have some recordings. However, Matthias above requested to include the current selection in the main window also into the dropdown, that might actually save your problem as well. However, this will only work if you have a specific project/task selected (not the “all” entries).

  9. I think I see it. When you click Today, if you have 11/1 showing, that’s what overrides and things for 11/11 disappear. Actually makes sense once you figure through it. When I changed it back, there were a bunch showing!

    However, yeah, I think the UI for it could use some work. Maybe the specific day and start day filters should be combined somehow, maybe with a drop-down or option-click or something? I guess visually the “date” filter needs to be “above” or “superior” in some way to the other filters.

    I’ll give it some thought. Could even mock something up, but I’ll have to use it a bit and compare to others …

    Thanks for the response.

  10. Hey, having given the date format some thought, and having been messing around with other tools, maybe it would just be better to have a date range picker instead.

    For an example, see TrackTime from http://www.mamooba.com/ … you could have some pre-configured in the same dialog box or make it an “action” type toolbar drop down like there is in the original “official” release version.

    Just a thought. Keep up the great work. Hope you have some time for some updates in the near future. Thanks again,


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