TimeTracker OSX b12 bugfix release

TimeTracker OSX b12 bugfix release time tracker preferences 2 235x300

This is a minor bugfix release for time tracker. It fixes a problem where the app would start to behave weird when you have multiple projects with the same name or multiple tasks within a project with the same name.

Basically all I currently do is warn you when you try to choose a duplicate name. If you already have projects with the same name, then the app will change the project names (add a number after the duplicate name) so that the project name will be unique again.

In addition I have added a few more options to the configuration screen:

  • # of last tasks in menubar: lets you choose how many quickstart tasks are shown in the menu bar (you can quick start a task by clicking on the menubar icon and then selecting one of the most recent previous recorded tasks).
  • show time in menubar: if this is enabled then the duration of the current work period is shown in the menubar.
  • idle timeout (seconds): lets you configure the idle timeout in seconds. This basically defines how soon TimeTracker will prompt you whether you still want to keep on recording the time, default is 300s (i.e. 5 minutes).
  • Computer sleep detection: lets you define whether TimeTracker will attempt to recognize the computer going into sleep / standby. If turned on and TimeTracker notices a clock jump of > 60 seconds it will interpret this as standby mode and also trigger the idle warning. The default is on since at least on laptops that makes a lot of sense.

As always if you are new to my beta, be sure to read previous articles in my blog tagged with TimeTracker about data compability with public TimeTracker releases.


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  1. Hi,

    Nice app! Will this code be merged with the main app? I ask because some of the discussion between you and the other author seem to have different opinions about the direction of the project?

  2. @Tim: well I havent heard back from Aaron yet. I would love to get my changes back into the main app obviously. However, unless Aaron and I find a way to merge the stuff back together it will be tricky. I am always open and I have made a couple of suggestions but we seem to be stuck.

    I guess both of us dont have a lot of time on our hands to concentrate on the bigger merging tasks.

    So unless we have that figured out I will do some minor changes which dont require a lot of work and will improve the app.

  3. Fair enough.

    BTW – I really like the idle-time checker and the LRU task list for the play button in the menu.

    Since you have so much copious free time ;), I have a feature request idea:

    I would be cool if I could attach an application to a task so that I could tell how much time I “really” spent on that task? For instance, I’m a procrastinator and often check my mail while I’m supposed to be editing a word doc. If could attach the word app to my “write paper” task, I could tell how much time I actually spent on my paper. 🙂

  4. Hey, well there is an app on the mac that will track the time that you spend in apps. For me such a feature would not work that well as I have tasks that involve multiple applications, e.g. develop improvements for TimeTracker, involves Firefox, Xcode and god knows what else. Also I think it would be very tricky to really nail this since you could still have word open and do other stuff 😉

  5. 2 more bug scenarios

    1. Filtering for today is screwed up. I need to pick up today’s date and then click on month. Probably this refreshes up the context.
    2. I cannot edit the time. The start/end time dialog has only the date(repeated twice)

  6. @Manu, I am not sure I can follow what the problem is in issue 1. For me that works all right. I select the data (in select date) and then click on “day” that brings up today. Depending on your old selection you might need to select “All Projects” and “All Tasks” so you see everything.

    ad 2) this usually only happens when there is something wrong with the data (like the duplicate project name that I fixed). So my assumption is that there is some other problem in your data which causes the app from working correctly. If you cant figure the pattern out you can mail me your data file and I can see if I can replicate and fix it (worked for others too and I promise that I will delete your data, believe me I have enough work to manage my own data 🙂 )

  7. @1: Try this. Select All projects and All Tasks. And then click on day, week and month buttons. I get nothing. Then I click on date and select “Cancel” and I get my data back. Alternatively I can select a valid date and it displays correct data.
    It could very well be a data problem since I started with the version on google code and then migrated to the one on this website. I’ve tried editing the file in Preferences>Filename but it doesn’t refresh the data. Instead the changes are overwritten. Question being.. How do I manually edit data to compensate for screwed up data?

  8. @Manu I guess there is a misunderstanding. The csv file mentioned in the settings is only an EXPORT file. This means the current data set will be exported automatically to this file. This is not the internal data file that TT uses. Therefore, whenever you change something in TT the file gets overwritten.

    I guess I should update the description of this field.

    Regarding point 2, you could try and send me the data file and I can see if I can spot the problem.

    Regarding point 1, I know that the usability of the filtering feature is not perfect and I will probably change it when I get some time. However, I guess you know how to make the data show up so I hope its ok if I push it off for now.

  9. Hey Rainer, nice app. This b12 implements most improvements I would like wrt the original TT. It’s already been suggested on the google-code-time-tracker-site, but could you (add a preference to) remove the icon from the dock? And I would like it if the application wouldn’t quit when I close the window (like with Mail or iCal).

    1. well the problem is that I would like to do this programmatically. the only way I could find how to do this is by changing the plist file. The problem with that is that it will hide the icon for everybody. I would like to make this configurable since I believe that tastes are different and some people dont mind having the icon there. If you can tell me (or give me a pointer with more information) on how to do that I will gladly put that in.

    2. Hi Roald
      the problem with the suggestion to change the plist file is that we cannot make it visible then anymore programmatically. Its an all or nothing approach. I personally would like to make this configurable within the GUI, however, this wont work by changing the plist file. If you want however, I could make another release with this entry to hide the app, but as it stands right now this would not work all too well (since timetracker is currently not built that way). I have a few ideas of how to improve timetracker and will try to make this process easier for requests like yours. Lets see how far we get.

  10. rainer, so glad i found your site. like your build 12.

    wondering if you could help me. as the new year starts, i’d like to start a new data file–but for the life of me am unable to locate current, rename/delete and start fresh.

    could you help?


  11. Hi Rainer,

    I use the program ‘dockless’ now, which can change that option for any program, so no time tracker in my dock anymore :). The only thing I would still like is a command-w that closes the window, but not the program, and the possibility to bring open the window in a convenient way, for example from the menu bar icon. Thanks in advance, and good luck with the improvements.

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