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  1. Hi,

    Something strage append with this version, not notice before.

    Before it was easy to move item for one cat (or subcat) to and other. Now It’s hard or doesn’t work well.

    Also and more problematic… Each time or almost each time I try to edit time or put commentary… it’s freeze… I have to kill the program and relunch it to access… Fortunately… nothing is lost and the chage are applied… Wasn’t there before…

  2. Wow!

    I just found out about this beta/fork/whatever.Do you have any idea how long I’d been waiting for a “comments” field?

    Amazing work, thanks so much!

  3. Hi Rainer…

    Sorry to let time past… So I check in thepost maybe past over… but I haven’t find the post about the datafile… It’s the application support / time tracker / data.plist you whant?

    Also today an other strange behavior append… I download again time tracker to be sure to have the latest… but still append.

    Before this beta I was entering time for work outside by just opening closing an entry and change the date and time. Now… after doing that… the enty just disapear … each time

    Where I can send you the file…?

  4. well, the software currently is not designed for multi-language and I am not an expert on how that works in Cocoa (although I am sure its not rocket science). I actually want to get my changes into the main build and then it makes more sense on making it multi-lingual.

  5. Thank you for this great software! A suggestion for the future (or maybe there is a way to do this now and I am missing it?): I need to be able to enter times manually for tasks that are not done on the computer (meetings, etc). Or for times when I forget to press start. It would be great to have ALL my time for each project in one place.

  6. I have been hearing this quite a bit. You can currently achieve this by recording something and immediately press stop and the double click to change the data accordingly. However, I know what you mean.

  7. HELP! I’ve been using TimeTracker for a long time, and it kept telling me there was an upgrade, but I chose to continue to have it remind me later, as i was busy. This morning, I said ok, update, only to find it doesn’t work on my system! I’m still running 10.4.11. Not updating anytime soon to 10.5. How can I get my old TimeTracker back and WHY would it tell me to upgrade when my OS is not what it needs? I need my old TimeTracker!!! Please help! THANK YOU!

  8. ok, i’m not a programer. i’m a freelance designer that was using timetracker to keep track of my time on jobs. i need to get my old tt back and don’t understand about google code and sparkle. what can i do now? who can help me?

  9. Thank you so much, Rainer! It worked and I have my time records again. Whew, that was scary today. I think TT should tell one what the sys reqs are before clicking on upgrade, or it should not tell someone to upgrade if they don’t have the right system. Otherwise, it’s a great app! Thank you thank you thank you!

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