Create a secure Vista/XP Kiosk for free

Create a secure Vista/XP Kiosk for free Hide 20Administrator 20From 20Welcome 20Screen
I have been asked to create an internet kiosk and since I am an avid SecurityNow listener, I knew that  a good tool for that would be Windows SteadyState (

I had used a stripped down version of DamnSmallLinux (BoothCD) before but that didn’t work anymore due to incompatible hardware and I couldn’t be bothered to configure a new version.

The new computer already came with Windows Vista so I thought lets give it a spin. I was afraid that it would take a long time to setup SteadyState properly but the GUI is really quick and intuitive. So from download to finished setup it takes about 15 minutes (plus one reboot). You can configure the machine to not store any changes made by the kiosk user (which is what I used). The only thing that I had to do in addition was to hide my administrator user from the welcome screen.

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J2ME Bluetooth deployer task

J2ME Bluetooth deployer task bluetoothTech main Full
For people who develop j2me applications on a regular basis this nifty tool might be able to be very useful. It basically is an ant task that can deploy a j2me application via bluetooth automatically.
I am usually a little more conservative (and we do build multiple configurations where I keep switching between those) and I simply use Finder (select the JAD/JAR) and hit Apple-Shift-B.

Anyway check the tool out.

Javablog » Bluetooth Deployer

Modified mail rule for Omnifocus

Modified mail rule for Omnifocus omnifocus 300x84

I have recently switched from iGTD to Omnifocus since it has got a really good iPhone app and its integration (with a WebDav Server) is the best IMHO. However, I didnt like their stock mail rule as it would always treated my email footer as a new task (if I forward something or CC myself onto a mail). Furthermore, my email server does not support the +omnifocus address extension.

Therefore, I have changed the builtin mail rule a bit by

A) ignoring the allowed senders (I have an own imap mailbox for my tasks), since they are automatically turned off once you disable the stock email rule. However, you can probably modify the mail rule appropriately.

B) making the whole post a single action so that all of the mails content goes into the notes of the task.

I will modify the script a bit further (once I have time) to also add a link to the original mail (if I manage to get that working). This is one of the drawbacks of OmniFocus at the moment. This was working better in iGTD.



Installation Instructions:

Set up a manual mail rule, define your rules when to apply the rule, then fill out the form similar as shown in the screenshot below.

Mailrule settings  Modified mail rule for Omnifocus mailrule 1 300x149


this mail rule is out out date, please take a look at the newest posts tagged with “Omnifocus“, to find the latest version.

Modified mail rule for Omnifocus Mailrule