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iGTD iPhone Export tools
After lots of hackery I finally got a decent semi automated iGTD -> iPhone export working.

It goes like that:

  • it changes the default html export format of iGTD, based on the information here. You have to open the package contents of iGTD and replace the old export templates with these files. The template is inspired by the good looking OmniFocus bookmark exporter (OFfline)
  • then create a folder which will receive the exported html file
  • use this folder action script which is based on the information macosxhints
  • put the script into /Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts

How to use:

1. go to the context view (projects view does not work yet)

2. select File->Export to file

3. in the export dialog select “HTML table” as a format

4. save it in the folder that you have assigned the folder action to

5. done

In the near future I intend to extend this to also sync with an iphone data bookmark but for now this is already quite nice.

Grab the file here

2 Gedanken zu „iGTD iPhone Export“

  1. Hi,

    thanks for this great script, which I use a lot. I have an iPod Touch and sync relatively often, allowing me to get my Safari bookmarks into the machine easily. As a result, I do one variation, which is that I avoid the folder script side and go straight to the Data URI. I have a button in my bookmark bar labeled “ToDataURI” which turns any page I’m looking at into a Data URI. I forgot where I got the javascript, though. Sorry. Anyway, I have iGTD export all (while selecting the contexts I want), and open automatically in Safari. I click on my button, and immediately bookmark that file. Next sync, the information is in my iPod. Do this once a day, and I at least have a list of the things I thought of yesterday…

  2. well at that time I was synching under windows and running iGTD under mac, which is why I didnt sync in MacOS. This is why this worked better for me. Also mailing has the advantage that you can get it without docking your iphone.

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