TimeTracker for OSX

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At the moment I am getting involved in a little program called
TimeTracker. Back when I was mainly using Windows I used TimeTracker
from http://0xff.net
which I liked quite a lot. The Mac version has similar features but
lacks filtering and reporting features which I am in the process of

Most of the features I need already work and I am in conversation with the project lead to get them integrated.

For the not so faint of heart here is a recent build which has these additional features

  • All Projects/ All Tasks view
  • Filter
    mode (Day / Week / Month). Pick a date first and then click on day /
    week / month to filter the records accordingly. In combination with the
    AllProjects view this is a powerful reporting tool as also all sums
    will be properly updated
  • preliminary csv export. Upon app close
    all records will be also saved into <$HOME>/times.csv (now that
    the filtering and summary views work, I hardly use it anymore)
  • ability to modify the parent task / project of an entry (no more delete and create new)
  • extended
    the idle watcher to also be invoked when computer goes on standby (very
    nice for laptop users, just close the lid and timetracker will notice
    that you dont work anymore)
  • highlighting of the current running time record (grey font) to immediately see which one is the active one.
  • added a “comment” field that allows you to write a descriptive comment of what you did.


The storage format of my version is not compatible with the currently
available version from googleCode. So if you got valuable data already,
be sure to backup:

before you try my version!

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