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FocusGTD3 Status Update

FocusGTD3 Status Update 2018 11 23 at 07
Tag Chooser

I managed to finish all widget related work as well as the tag selection screen used for assigning tags to a task.

With this, most of the features surrounding OmniFocus3 support are in place. 

I decided against initial support for custom alarms (notifications) since currently only OmniFocus for iOS supports this feature and I recon people want to get their hands on FocusGTD3 rather sooner than waiting for this feature.

So the overall standing looks like this:

FocusGTD3 Status Update 2018 11 24 at 05
FocusGTD3 task status

Basically this means I only plan on adding task reordering support and then I will start with in depth testing before the first alpha version will be released.

Dark mode and new UI will probably come as an update.

With that, I wish you a nice weekend.

FocusGTD2 Updates

I have been busy fixing Widget related issues on FocusGTD2 on different versions of Android. 

A new test version has been released to testers which should fix the remaining few issues on Android <= 5 (you have to love those inconsistencies between Android versions).


FIX: fixed widget text colors on android 5 or lower
FIX: fixed quick entry from widget on android 5 or lower

In addition this version is already publicly available


FIX: fixed background behaviour on Android 8 and higher
FIX: fixed widget text color
FIX: fixed completing tasks from the widget (on Android 8+)

Needless to say, my progress on FocusGTD3 was impeded by these updates. But if no new issues pop up I will be back on finishing FocusGTD3.

FocusGTD2 Status Update

I released a new version for FocusGTD2 which improves notification handling and targets newer Android handsets.

This was a required change imposed by google in order to still stay in the play store after Nov 1st.


  • FEATURE: add due OR flagged query
  • IMPROVEMENT: improve accuracy of alarm notifications
  • FIX: improve robustness of synchronization when incorrect data is delivered
  • FIX: fixed notifications under Android Oreo or higher

FocusGTD2/3 progress update

accurate alarm alarm clock analogue  FocusGTD2/3 progress update pexels photo 359989
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I have been mainly working on FocusGTD2 the last couple of days since google decided that it would no longer accept / distribute apps targeted for < Android Oreo.

At the time I didn’t think about it much so I told myself, “targetting Android Oreo can’t be that hard, eh?”. Man, I was so wrong.

New features of Android Oreo such as Doze mode and notification channels basically required me to rewrite much of the alarm notification system. So the last couple of days were consisting of setting many many alarms, waiting for them to go off and then curse at google when they didnt (which was far too often the case).

If you want to know more details you can head over to to see the madness. Basically, I now need to have 3 different code paths when I want to schedule an alarm based on the android version. Fragmentation FTW!

I am now slowly rolling out this release (first to testers and then perform a staged rollout and watch if there are unforeseen problems). After this intermezzo, I will go back to FocusGTD3.

Focus GTD3 Status update

Here is a short status update for how its going with FocusGTD3.

I started working on a new Omnifocus 3 feature which lets you show all tasks of a specific tag on the “today” view.

Overall I completed the backend for ordering tasks within a tag, but there is no UI to surface this functionality yet. Since FGTD3 implementation is taking longer than anticipated I will probably push some UI updates out to get a first version done sooner.

  • Backend
    • new database: ✅
    • downward sync: ✅
    • upward sync (minus task ordering in context): ✅
    • task tag support: ✅
    • tag ordering in tasks: ✅
    • task ordering in tags: ✅
    • custom alarms: ○
    • automatic database cleanups: ○
  • Frontend
    • inbox: ✅
    • project/folder list: ✅
    • context list: ✅
    • Forecast view: ✅
      • Forecast view settings: in progress
    • widgets: ○
    • search: ○
    • tags popup for task editor: ○
    • order tasks within tag screen: ○
    • task reordering within project: ○
    • complete UI overhaul: ○
    • dark mode: ○