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  1. Hi Mate

    Can I start by saying how amzing it is that you have solutions that the makers of these packages can’t get sorted, Well done.

    I wanted to ask you a question?
    I have a Pc with outlook on it and I wanted to get teh task out to use in OmniFocus on the Mac book I just got, is your script usable in this situation?

    1. the outlook2omnifocus script requires that you run outlook 2011 on the mac on the same machine that you are also running OmniFocus on, what you could try is to forward the mail to an inbox that is received on your mac and have a mail rule (search my blog for omnifocus and you will find something) that automatically places such “mails” into your task inbox.

  2. Thanks for replying so quickly mate, What I want to do is get my task out of outlook onto OmiFocus. While I don’t have Outlook for Mac, I do have Outlook running through Parrellel on my Mac in a Windows 7. Is there anything I can do?

    Thanks in advance for yoru reply.

  3. Your Outlook 2011 to OSX script makes omnifocus workable for me. Love the support you give for a free bit of code and how well documented and configurable it is.

    Omnigroup should hire you and/or buy these scripts and install them by default.

    Tossed you some cash money in support of your great work. Thank you!

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