FocusGTD2 Updates

I have been busy fixing Widget related issues on FocusGTD2 on different versions of Android. 

A new test version has been released to testers which should fix the remaining few issues on Android <= 5 (you have to love those inconsistencies between Android versions).


FIX: fixed widget text colors on android 5 or lower
FIX: fixed quick entry from widget on android 5 or lower

In addition this version is already publicly available


FIX: fixed background behaviour on Android 8 and higher
FIX: fixed widget text color
FIX: fixed completing tasks from the widget (on Android 8+)

Needless to say, my progress on FocusGTD3 was impeded by these updates. But if no new issues pop up I will be back on finishing FocusGTD3.