FocusGTD3 status update – tags

2 steps forward, 1 step back

I managed to implement basic tagging support in my database backend and was just about to finalize one of my last automatic integration tests (these are programmatic tests that simulate various actions such as various ways to tag / untag / change order of tags, etc.) when I realized that some of my basic assumptions on how tag ordering works was wrong.

I wont bore you to death with the technical details but suffice it to say that I will need to rework portions of my tag ordering logic to accomodate my new findings.

So from an overall status perspective it looks like this

  • Backend
    • new database: ✅
    • downward sync: ✅
    • upward sync (minus task ordering in context): ✅
    • task tag support: ✅
    • tag ordering in tasks: ✅
    • task ordering in tags: in progress
    • custom alarms: ○
    • automatic database cleanups: ○
  • Frontend
    • inbox: ✅
    • project/folder list: ✅
    • context list: ✅
    • Forecast view: ✅
    • widgets: ○
    • search: ○
    • tags popup for task editor: ○
    • order tasks within tag screen: ○
    • task reordering within project: ○
    • complete UI overhaul: ○
    • dark mode: ○

So as you can see there is still a bunch more work open. I apologize for the long wait but reverse engineering two years of work by Omni is no small task.

I will post updates again once I have finished one of these tasks. So stay tuned.

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