FocusGTD and Android 6.0 (marshmallow)

Android-6.0-Marshmallow Android 6.0 FocusGTD and Android 6.0 (marshmallow) Android 6Since Android 6.0 is out finally it seems that a lot of people are using FocusGTD with it. Unfortunately the HTTP stack that I am using (apache-http-client) seems to have problems with the latest OS update.

Due to this fact and since google is deprecating apache-http-client, I decided to move over to okhttp.

Unfortunately, this means that I have to rewrite most of the networking code including the WEBDAV stack.

As part of this re-write, I have already released a bit of code as open source

So if you are one of the users using Android 6, rest assured that I am actively working on this, however the complexity is quite high so it will take a bit longer.