The work goes on

A short status update

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I have been working for quite some time on supporting nested tasks and statistics (4 tasks remaining, 2 overdue, …). This turned out to be more complicated than initially anticipated. Basically it opens up a can of worms, but the first version with support for this is out and in the hand of testers. There is still quite some work ahead of me but I will gradually include more testers as the app becomes more robust (and more feature complete).

7 Gedanken zu „The work goes on“

    1. Did you sign up in the list? Check the other articles about focus GTD to get to the instructions. As soon as I feel comfortable enough to share the app with more testers I will add signed up people.

  1. Im very interested in your project. if there is any chance that i can join to your testing team? Many people use OmniFocus and Android here in Japan, so if you will release that app, probable it will get good sales here.

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