First alpha version released

1-inbox Focus GTD OmniFocus First alpha version released 1 inbox 180x300The first alpha version of Focus GTD, the only android GTD application which is compatible to OmniFocus has been released to some brave testers. There are still a lot of core features missing but once the app has been stabilized enough, I will open it up to a larger group of people.

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  1. I am running android 2.2 and am hopeful your app is being designed so I can use it, too. When you are ready to expand the number in your tester group I would love to help out. Being in something from the beginning gives you a new view of things!

  2. Hi rainer,
    best luck for your efforts. I’m running omnifocus on iPad but need it on my phone (which is and probably always will be Android). As all (!) GTD-Apps on Android suck in one way or another compared to Omnifocus (or are abandoned by Yahoo…) I would really love to test your app.

    Any chance for beta-testing?

  3. This is great, I’ll buy it!

    I started some effort to do what you’re trying to do last year, although I never got the time to push it past an exploratory stage. In case any of my reverse engineering could help you, you might want to take a look at it:

    I wrote some code for it too, here it is:

    I sincerely hope it helps you. Let me know if you’d like any help.


    1. Hey Reza, this is really useful information. I never found (or looked close enough) where the DB file was located. Having looked at it I discover that while my model is somewhat similar it is still way off from what Omni uses. I need to figure out what the best way forward is. Right now my app does a pretty ok job of parsing and building up my own model as well as synching back the changes in a valid file format. At any rate this helps a lot!

      1. I’m glad you found the information useful. May I suggest you commit your parsing code as open source so that others can help you. Although I understand you want to sell the program eventually, so it’s your choice. In any case, good luck and keep at it; I need my OmniFocus data on my Android phone!

  4. I too have been looking for this. I love omni focus and really like the android system over the i-phone system but syncing is key to GTD.

    I am up for testing if you are looking for more.

    1. I have been busy with improving the handling of the application. Right now it still does not properly handle nested projects which turned out to be more complex than initially anticipated. Work on this has dragged on a bit but will release a newer version soonish. There are still a lot of things that need to be implemented and cleaned up. Once it is a bit more stable/useful, I will expand the list of testers so that I can collect more feedback.

  5. Hi,

    interessting project… I’m a heavy iOS user and a Omnifocus one since it came out on Mac / iPhone and later iPad.

    If you need a beta tester I would like to donate my time since I’m getting my first Android phone soon and having the possibility to work with my Omnifocus data sometime on Android would be great.

    Just contact me, if you have any interest. I speak english (quite fluently) but I’m a native german speaker.



  6. Have you thought of creating a kick starter project to raise funds? You would be able to bring in some help to speed up progress, perhaps even hire someone who has previously worked for omnigroup…

    1. To be honest, I do not anticipate such high interest to make this worthwhile. I might be wrong, but the cross section of users who
      1. own omnifocus on the mac
      2. have an android phone
      3. are willing to pay for the app

      might not be that large. But I would be glad to be proven wrong.

  7. Hi. I agree that you’d be very surprised. The best laptops are apple. The best phones are android phones. And the best gtd software is omnifocus.
    So a lot will be interested for sure.

    1. @Reza, I know, I know. It is driving me nuts but there are a couple of synching issues where the synchronization does not pick up all the changes from the server, which results in mixed up data and potentially messed up data on the server. I don’t want to make the app more public until this bug is fixed and the synchronization functions smoothly.

      1. Hey here’s a suggestion, make it a kickstarter project (time investment: 4-5 hours, max) and set a modest goal like $5000. Then use that money to hire one or two people on There are many Asian programmers who would work for 200 hours (4 months full time) with that budget on odesk. Then give us the app, and make bucks in the meanwhile! Come on!

    1. @Elmer Thomas, I really thought about such a solution a lot since it would have improved synching times quite dramatically (since the current webdav based synchronization employed by omni is not really fast especially if you are on 3G and haven’t synched in a while). However, running a server would have raised the following concerns:
      1. Privacy: the server would need to be able to log in as you, load the data and store it in its own internal database
      2. Data consistency: now in addition to having to keep 2 databases in synch (client + omnisyncserver), you have 3 (client + sync server + omnisyncserver)
      3. Cost: keeping a server running costs money constantly and therefore, is only viable in case you have steady sales

      However, the idea is definitely tempting as the sync server could send out push notifications when a server based poll reveals that new data is available.

  8. I think you’d be surprised.
    I’d be happy to test it and I’d pay for an app that was compatible and I have omni focus on mac, but have a note 2.
    The main criteria for me are the ability to work in the same way as omni focus and ideally sync across devices.

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