Getting close

focusgtd-edit  Getting close focusgtd edit 180x300I know, I know, it has been a LONG time without any updates. However, I have been quite busy implementing the application and making the synching process more robust. Right now I am nearly at a point where some daredevils might be able to try and play around with the application.

What is it?

A GTD application that can sync with OmniFocus for Mac and iOS. It is in no way connected to OmniGroup (although I did ask if they were ok with it).

What works?

  • Editing existing tasks
  • moving tasks to other contexts, projects
  • checking off tasks
  • creating new tasks
  • synchronizing changes to the server (it should work with any web dav, but only tested on omni-sync Server).

What does not work?

  • deleting tasks (there is a DEBUG option but this will not get synched to the server, its just a means to correct any misbehaviour of the app)
  • a lot of the UI doesnt work, there are a bunch of action items which don’t do anything
  • creating folders, contexts
  • task detail editing (such as reminders, repeats, ..)
  • UI is still terrible, its just stitched together really since I have been working on getting the backend of the code to work reasonably, if anyone has graphical skills, I am all ears :), the navigation will most likely change, right now its oriented on the iphone version, but I think on Android it can be made better.
  • the app cannot be used without omnifocus at the moment (it relies on an initial sync state to exist)
  • the app wont compact sync files on the server, it relies on desktop omnifocus to do this job

Should I consider becoming an alpha tester?

  • do you know how to back up a webdav share?
  • do you mind if your data might get lost?
  • do you mind having weird elements show up in your omnifocus at unexpected places?
  • do you mind the app crashing?

If you answered one of these questions with “yes”, then this might not be a good time for you yet.

For the remaining persons (i.e. the daredevils out there) I will probably allow approx 10 testers into an “alpha program”, who can participate in the development of the application and might get their feature requests and improvement suggestions implemented.


If you are really serious about signing up you have to agree to the following

  • I won’t be responsible for anything bad happening to your phone nor your data
  • You are doing this on your own free will
  • You will not get any payment for testing (sorry, but I dont even know whether I can make back my invested time.

I don’t care. Where do I sign?

If you really agree with all the caveats and you swear that you will not sue me for data loss or anything else bad happening to your phone or OmniFocus data, then you can leave your Google Plus Email on this form

I will then invite you to the alpha testers community and add you to the list of testers who will be able to download the app from google play (so I guess your G+ mail also needs to be registered with Google Play to work).

When will I get the build?

That depends, I guess I will still need the remainder of this week to clean up the most pressing issues, but I would expect to launch the very first version by the weekend.


Update 30.06.2013

I have now more than 12 registered Testers. So for the first iteration this will be enough, so I wont invite any more testers until the app is further along. However, you can still keep on registering and in case I have the need for more testers I will add the first ones on the list. Note that in order to register you need to provide an Email address that is a valid Google+ account.