One small step

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Yay, finally, I am able to create properly formed upload files which means that the app can now at least upload checked tasks and OmniFocus for Mac properly recognizes them. It took far more time than I had initially expected, but finally this part is done. This does not mean that its completely done but at least the basics are in place.

The next steps is going to implement the basic UI for the application, and eventually I need to make it pretty. So there is still some time until I have something to show in public but this was a very important and complex step and therefore an important milestone.

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    1. The Android app is a java application. However the algorithms and the reverse engineering to find the basics behind the synching are obviously universally appropriate. Since I have spent a significant amount of work on the reverse engineering of the protocol I am somewhat hesitant to distribute this freely.

  1. I am so pleased that someone is writing this! If you need any testing then please let me know and I will be buying the app when it is ready.

    1. @Paul, I will post on this blog as soon as I have something that is useful enough to share with the public. However I need to warn everyone who is wanting to join the tester program. It happened to me more than once during the development that some tasks were wiped out of OmniFocus (deleted without being able to restore those tasks). So the use will be on your own risk.

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