Started working on an OmniFocus compatible Android GTD App

GTD Android OmniFocus android FocusGTD Started working on an OmniFocus compatible Android GTD App GTD AndroidI started working on an Android GTD App that will be compatible/similar to OmniFocus for iPhone. The ultimate goal is that it will behave roughly like the todays iPhone version of the app.

Note that this app is in no way connected with OmniGroup at all. It is solely my personal endeavor. I am planning to sell this application on the Google Play Store once it is ready. I have checked with Omni and they didn’t seem to have anything against that approach.

However, until the app is anywhere near there it will be a long way to go still.

This whole project stemmed from an experiment that I embarked on when I got my Nexus 4. While still a die hard iPhone user, I tried to get by with just the Nexus 4 for a couple of weeks. And I really started to miss OmniFocus.

Dont get me wrong, there are *tons* of great todo applications for Android out there, but I haven’t found any that had an even remotely as capable Mac OS desktop client like OmniFocus (if you happen to know one then I would be very interested).

Current status

I am not sure what to call the apps current status. Its so far before alpha that I dont know of any term. In fact all it really does right now is download and parse all the sync data that is on a defined WebDAV share (i.e. OmniSync Server).

You can browse the synched data on the phone but there aren’t really any screens for the task details yet.


Next Steps

There are 2 major things that I plan to work on next:

  1. Synching back to the server (this will take a couple of weeks due to my limited time I can devote to the project)
  2. Improve the screens to show and edit the tasks in the database.
Update 29.3.2013
  • Made it clear that the App is neither called OmniFocus for Android nor affiliated with OmniGroup
UPDATE 31.05.2013

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  1. I would pay for that … the one that I have been using is DGT GTD as the app, unfortunately no matter how much I love OmniFocus I am not willing to be tied to an iPhone. Still love the Mac but I need a phone that works well, and the Samsung Note 2 gave me the best options for everything.

    I use DGT GTD, Toodle Do and on the Mac / iPad Appigo ToDo. it is not as good as OmniFocus but has tags so I am able to develop a system that works and thorugh ToodleDo Pro I am able to sync to DGT GTD. Also appigo just announced Android Beta but you have to be Pro on their servers to use and and at this time I do not want to get tied down yet.

    I would switch back to OmniFocus in a second if I could get the sync working.

    1. Lets hope that a few more will feel the same way, once its finally done. Unfortunately, the synching logic is quite complex (then again, synch always is), so I am not as far along as I would like.

      1. I would pay for this! I have been searching for something for a long time. I left my iphone and ipad for note 2 and 10.1

        Rightnow I am using but I would pay for this app when you get it ready.

  2. I’d happily pay for this and be involved in any beta. The ability to even simply see my current tasks due in a widget and be able to tick them off when done would be enough to begin with. I don’t need to see all sorts of complex information or be able to change contexts.

    Of course later on all sorts of fun things can be done with GPS locations etc., but a keep it simple task viewer would be great and the wallet is open and waiting!!! 🙂

    1. @david. As soon as I have anything to play with you will be on the list. I am currently working on synching the local changes back to the server. This is probably the most complicated part. Once this is complete it will start to make sense handing out alphas.

  3. This is fantastic news. Tried to make a Wunderlist to OF sync once, just to be able to have my data with me on my Android phone. When you have a first version I’ll be happy to test it.

  4. “Dont get me wrong, there are *tons* of great todo applications for Android out there, but I haven’t found any that had an even remotely as capable Mac OS desktop client like OmniFocus (if you happen to know one then I would be very interested).”

    I switched to and have been very satisfied with it. The Android application is very slick. The OSX desktop client is a bit unintuitive but gets the job done. I hope that the rough edges of the desktop client will be polished with a couple of updates. I suggest that you give it a try.

  5. Hey, I would pay for this too. I have been seeking the Android holy grail for about 18 months. The current front runners are NirvanaHQ and OpenLoopz. NirvanaHQ stuffed up their Android client development (over a year in the making) but the excellence of their web based solution has drawn quite a few Omnifocus devotees into their fold. It is truly excellent. Currently the second beta is according to their forums days away. Let’s see.

    OpenLoopz is excellent but currently no cloud based sync facility. The developer is currently working on it but there is no ETA.

    Where is the best place for me to keep an eye on your development?

  6. The best android client is DGT GTD which is very good, and if all you want is Mobile then I would recommend that one.

    But most of us wat export from OmniFocus which is why everyone is so excited.

  7. Just a quick status update

    I had some time to continue working on the app this weekend. I am currently working on generating the xml files which will contain all the changes that were made locally. Also I need to implement the Task editing screen. My estimate is that it will probably take another 2 weekends until I have the sync roughly working in both directions at which point it might be a good time to start sharing a very early version of the app.

    For all who are interested, this is not for the faint of heart. This is work in progress and even if I try to not break anything I cannot make any promises that your app data might not get screwed up (at least on the WEB dav, aka omni sync server). Typically the app will never change any existing files but only upload new ones (delta files) so if you know what you are doing you could just delete the damaged files and be good, but I wont make any guarantees.

    – Rainer

  8. Hi there, I’m very interested in this project as I too very much miss OF on my android device. I am not a programmer at all but have experience in testing softwares. Please let me know if I can assist. Thanks

  9. Thank you, I am so excited for this. After years using iPhones I badly want to try out android, but omnifocus makes such a difference to both my productivity and my peace of mind that I can’t imagine working without it.

    I tried many other items of productivity or note-taking software, but as you say, there’s simply nothing that compares to omnifocus’s desktop client, so whatever I use will have to sync with it.

    Thanks again, very much, for working on this project.

    1. @Steve, I spent a bunch of hours this weekend on the synching logic and since I have a quite large and complicated database this is proving to be quite difficult. I hit a few dead ends and had to rework some of the logic a couple of times.
      Finally I am at a point where my app generates XML sync files and properly parses all OF sync files lying on the server. However, omnifocus does not like my generated files yet. So I need to spend more time investigating whats wrong with my files. Not sure how much time I can spend on this on this weekend though.

  10. I would definitely pay for this app, provided that it isn’t buggy and even if it doesn’t have the full feature set that the iPhone app does. I just need to sync my Mac with my Android, that is all! Good luck with the project and thank you for taking the initiative!

  11. Very great news! I was starting to think how to develop an app like this, but unfortunately I haven’t develop for android. So there is a lot work for me before produce a working thing, and your work seems to be well advanced.
    Also, I’m agree with Allan : you can raise your price because there is a prenium market and lot of frustated people who love OF and have an android phone and don’t want to switch to an iphone.
    (Sorry for my english)

    1. @Dominic I will compose a new blogpost about the current status soon. Believe me that XML parsing is the least of your worries. I have been working for quite some time to support nested tasks, etc. This is quite complicated and android does not give you a whole lot of support such as a reasonable OR mapper (which probably would be too slow on the other hand). Please check out for the latest posts on this app.

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