Outlook to Omnifocus, take 8

Outlook to Omnifocus, take 8 outlook

This is the 8th installment of my little OmniFocus script which will turn Emails into tasks. I received quite a lot of feedback regarding the Growl integration which was causing problems for many people. Therefore, I have removed growl (if you want growl and take7 was working for you, just don’t upgrade).


  • removed Growl support as it was causing more problems than it was worth
  • made deleting old files more resilient


  • configurable growl notifications (provided by Paul)
  • fix for empty subject lines (provided by Paul and Peter)
  • added mail headers (from, date) to content of the note (provided by Paul)
  • does not rely on a separate jar tool anymore and should therefore be more compatible with older Mac OS versions. (courtesy of someone on the omnifocus forums whos name I forgot unfortunately)
  • configuration options
    • growl enabled
    • delete mail after turning it to an omnifocus task
    • target mail folder for moving the processed mail (note that this does not work in combination with mail deletion, please choose either delete or move)
    • bring omnifocus to the front
    • put cursor into a specific field in the quick entry panel
    • open quick entry panel (or just add the task silently to inbox)

Install instructions:

  1. Double click the zip file to extract it
  2. Copy the contents of the zip file to <userhome>/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Outlook Script Menu Items (you can do this even easier by opening Outlook, selecting the script menu item “About this menu…” and then click “Open Folder”.
  3. that’s it

Note to non-english office users:

Your Outlook Script Menu Items folder is in a different location. Please go the route via “About this menu” explained in point 2!

Usage instructions:

  1. select a mail in outlook
  2. open the script menu and choose  ”Send Outlook to Omnifocus” (see screenshot) or alternatively just press CTRL+O (o, not zero)

Configuration instructions:

So if you want to tweak the settings of the script, bring up the file in the outlook menu items folder and double click it.

This will open AppleScript editor (if it does not, then you can try right click and choose Open with…). In applescript editor you will see a configuration block on the top of the file. Change the values as documented in the script, save it and you should be fine.

Note that a few settings rely on other settings to be configured (i.e. currently omnifocus activation will only be invoked if the quick entry panel is switched on). If you find those restrictions too cumbersome, let me know and I will look into that.



10 Gedanken zu „Outlook to Omnifocus, take 8“

  1. Great script Rainer – please let me add my thanks to you for creating it. It works great for me with one exception. I cannot get the shortcut (Ctrl O) to work with the latest version. Anybody else having this issue?

  2. Hi there,
    I download, pasted the latest script (take 8) and put it in the right place/folder. From Outlook, I can go as far as getting the pop-up omnifocus box (with subject and all) but when I click save, it doesn’t do anything, and when i check OF it doesnt get into the inbox either….cud u pls help me? Shud I configure something on my OF?

  3. Oh…restart mac and now it works well! we’ll see if it works ok all the time in the future 🙂 but for now, thanks for this script! brilliant! …. I always wonder how to integrate mail (eg Outlook) and any GTD apps (eg. OF). Good that a lot of ppl already thought abt it along with the solution! 😀

  4. Scott, I had the same problem but figured it out in my case. The name of the script file appears to set the shortcut key. The name should be:

    [OF] SendOutlookToOmniFocuscO.scpt

    The cO.scpt denotes the Control-O shortcut. In my specific case I had downloaded the zip file twice and it had appended a -1 to the filename:

    [OF] SendOutlookToOmniFocuscO-1.scpt

    Simply renaming the file to remove the -1 fixed the problem for me.

    Rainer, thanks again for putting this out there.

  5. Rainer, thanks for the script!
    There is a problem with cyrillic letters – they get all messed up in omnifocus. They look like the code of a binary file viewed through edit.com back in good ol’DOS times.

    I am new to apple and I tried to figure out where in your script the recoding happens, but this can take a while.

    Pls release a new version…

  6. Rainer, I found the solution!!
    in order to get the encoding of cyrillic letters right, add the “-inputencoding UTF-8” to the textutil command:

    textutil -format html -inputencoding UTF-8 -convert txt -stdin -stdout

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