Outlook to OmniFocus, take 4

Outlook to OmniFocus, take 4 outlook

This is another update to the previous releases of my Outlook script. The main changes are

  • growl notification (provided by Paul)
  • fix for empty subject lines (provided by Paul and Peter)
  • added mail headers (from, date) to content of the note (provided by Paul)
  • a few optional hooks that you can customize the behaviour of the script

Install instructions:

  1. Double click the OutlookToOmniFocus-v4.tar.gz to extract it
  2. Copy the contents of the zip file to <userhome>/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Outlook Script Menu Items (you can do this even easier by opening Outlook, selecting the script menu item “About this menu…” and then click “Open Folder”.
  3. that’s it

Usage instructions:

  1. select a mail in outlook
  2. open the script menu and choose  “Send Outlook to Omnifocus” (see screenshot) or alternatively just press CTRL+O (o, not zero)

Outlook to OmniFocus, take 4 script

In case something goes horribly wrong

I obviously dont hope that it does, but please open Console and watch for suspicious messages. Typically this will give you some idea.


Download the file see here: OutlookToOmnifocus-v5.zip see update below


If you have a non-english system then your “Microsoft User Data” folder might use a different localized name. In this case please replace “Microsoft User Data” with the correct folder name (e.b. “Microsoft-Benutzerdaten” if you are using a german system). Thanks to Jens for pointing this out.

Update 24.02.2011

I have updated the script and fixed the Growl integration. This should work now. In addition I have added a couple of CHANGEME comments in order to make it easier to customize the script.

Download the latest file here: OutlookToOmnifocus-v6.zip

Update 17.5.2011

Since I like to share and people were seeing issues, here is the source for the maildecoder java tool.


Update 19.05.2011

Please take a look at http://rainer.jagdkommando.org/wordpress/blog/category/gtd/ for the latest version of this script.