TimeTracker 1.3.13 beta

TimeTracker 1.3.13 beta software update

A new version of TimeTracker for Mac has been released. This is a new years bugfix release which is supposed to fix a few minor issues:

  • fixed issue 91 – the filter was not reapplied if you left TT running past midnight and it showed yesterdays entries in when having the today filter.
  • fixed issue 95 – replaced BWtoolkit styled but broken ok button with std button
  • general UI overhaul where a bunch of small annyoing issues were cleaned up
  • fixed a bug where on new years the last week/this week filters produced empty results

As always you can download it here as well as via the builtin Sparkle updater (you need to have it set to accept beta versions).

56 Gedanken zu „TimeTracker 1.3.13 beta“

  1. hi rainer,

    i just spent some time playing around with the time tracker – and i liked it a lot!
    one thing however was a little bit nasty. there seem to be rounding errors if you enter start and end times manually – e.g. if you key in 14:00:00 in the start-time field and 18:00:00 in the end-time field it will say 03:59:59 in the duration filed ?!?
    any chance to get a fix for this?

    1. @franklin66, I cannot seem to replicate this. Can you please send me a sample data file with such an entry? All date calculation is done using the native OS functions but I can try and clean up the input data.

  2. I didn’t know if I should add feature requests on the Google Code page because it would label them as defects and that isn’t what they are.

    It would be nice if the app could live in the menu bar without living in the Dock at the same time. The main window could be accessible via the command key or right clicking.

    It would also be nice if the Smart Filters pane could be completely hidden.

    I think both of these features would make the app feel more “sophisticated” and sleek.

    1. the “dockless” mode is harder than one might think, it involves changing the plist file (as far as I understand) and therefore cant easily be done in runtime. The hiding of the filter pane should be doable.

  3. Hi. I am trying out TimeTracker. Can only a single task be active at any time? There are occasions in which more than one would be useful, when performing an action which for me is useful for more than a project simultaneously.


  4. Hi there,

    I love Time Tracker and we have been using it for our business for the last 2 years.

    It was just a simple, basic solution that did what it should.

    I really am looking forward to the idea of having Customers in there, and also we really need the ability so that multiple users can work on the same projects at the same time, can this be in-built into the system some how?

    Would love to get in touch with you to talk about this more.


  5. Really like time Tracker, but been using kolk and have over 40 clients* time tracking away and wondering if there are any plans for an import log option, or maybe I can look at converting kolks db file to time Tracker logs?

    1. Hi Thomas, thanks for the contribution. Need to see whether I can still build with 10.7 and Xcode4 as the new IB does not support the old BW plugin. As I am currently on vacation, it might take a bit until I release a new version. Thanks

  6. I am trying to find the data file for TimeTracker, so that I can store it in DropBox. I would like to run TimeTracker from my laptop at times, but have it update the same file that is on my desktop. Is there a way to do this? Is the datafile location stored in a plist?

    I use TT every day. Thanks for keeping it up to speed!


    1. @Sean, check the FAQ on the google-code site. You can then try to move the file to dropbox and use a symlink to that file. Alternatively you could try and tell dropbox to sync that extra folder.

  7. Thanks for this tool, however it doesn’t seem to do the month filtering right. endTime less than or equal to a date seems to not include any entries on that date.
    You can try it out by setting startTime greater than or equal to a date you’re sure you’ve booked entries on and then setting endTime less than or equal to the same date.

    1. Hi Martin, well thats currently a known issue, if you specify a date it always is DATE 0:00 (time), so if you specify August 1st it will mean midnight on August 1st. I know its a little confusing but thats how it currently is.

      1. Hi, well it means the ‘smart filters’ don’t do what I’d expect them to do. ‘This month’ doesn’t show the whole month, it skips the last day.
        I know it does that so I always change it manually.
        But I notice there haven’t been any updates for over a year so I’ll start using some other time tracker.
        Thanks for your work so far though!

        1. @Martin, I know there haven’t been any updates in a long time. There are multiple problems that I am facing
          * I don’t have a lot of free time to spare on the project and the donations are nowhere enough to keep me afloat
          * the project is GPL so I can’t really submit it to apple app store
          * xcode 4 is not compatible with the plugins that we are using and therefore, even merging it over to Xcode 4 would be a medium undertaking

          I am still contemplating a brand new rewrite of TT which focuses on iCloud and stuff but given my limited amount of time I haven’t started on that yet.
          Which other tracker are you using now?

          1. Hi, I am now using TimeLog (http://www.mediaatelier.com/TimeLog4/). My colleague was already using it so it was a logical choice. It costs around $19. I like the way it keeps a timeline of active windows with the title of that window, so I can easily see what I have been doing.

  8. Hi Rainer,
    I just bought a second mac and would like to transfer my projects/time from my macbook pro to the new imac. Copying the system files did not help, it always starts up empty on the imac. Do you have a workaround for this?

    kind regards,


  9. is there a way to pause or restart a time instead of stopping and starting a new task? I switch projects constantly all day and being able to pause would be huge for me.

    Most excellent work btw…. I will be donating!

    1. There hasnt been development for a long time. Mainly due to three reasons:
      1. the app does pretty much all I need at this point
      2. I dont have really a lot of spare time
      3. noone offered to help
      So I wont promise making any major adjustments. Also the old app would need to be partially changed in order to be able to compile it with XCode 4.

      1. Any advice on how to generate invoices from the time tracker? I ended up exporting to CSV and attaching it. When I tried to print to PDF the whole thing was tiny in the middle of the page and all the notes were cut off.

        1. Usually, I would expect people to delete the columns that they dont need and then format the document in Excel or Numbers. Once you are happy with the layout of your invoice, then for future exports you just copy the content rows over.

  10. Quick one to say thanks for this little gem. Simple and effective. Does the job and one can’t argue with the price! 🙂

    I try to use open source software where the option exists, and given the number of time trackers costing upwards of $40, I was glad to find this option.

  11. Am trying out. Works very well except when i print, the comments only show 23 characters. i need the whole field, at least 40 characters.

    Can that be done?

    Would deletion of items make room? E.g., could the New Task column be deleted. Could the seconds be delete shortening that column width?


  12. Hi, I just wanted to comment that I’ve been using this app for years and have been thoroughly happy with how well designed it is. Every 6 months or so I wonder if there’s anything better (one that might sync across my devices). There are many paid and affordable apps that do the time tracking and syncing, but none that do the time keeping part as well as this app. Thus, I continue using Time Tracker. Job well done!

  13. Please bring this app (local) back again, there would be so many other useful things you could do with it as a freelancer. I do not like online applications to track my time… and therefore love timetracker.

    1. The idea is definitely undrr consideration. However at the moment I am writing on av desktop version (javafx based ) that focuses on also reporting your tinge entries to online services such as jira etc (scratching my own itch here). Once this is done I would probably port this to Mac and IOS as a native swift app with all cloud syncing goodness you would expect. However don’t hold your breath as this is going to take a while.

  14. Hello!

    This may not be used any longer? I bought a new laptop and I am facing the issue now that I can’t get my time tracker data from one to another computer, as it only allows me to export the data but not import.

    Can anything done about this?

    I would not want to go to any webbased solutions…
    Many thanks!

      1. Hello Rainer

        I work with a new laptop where OS X El Capitan is installed. Now I am facing the issue, that I can’t move my time tracker data from the old to the new computer. I cannot find the place where Time Tracker v3.1.13 stores its data.

        Unfortunately at the location mentioned in the FAQ (/Library/Application Support/TimeTracker/data.plist) they cannot be found.

        Where can I find the file with the recorded data?
        (New time recordings are working perfect, but if possible I would like to import the earlier ones.)

        Many thanks in advance!


        1. Sorry for the disturbance. The problem is solved. The file search of El Capitan works a little bit different as on Snow Leopard. I realised that too late.

          So I can enjoy the very easy use of Time tracker also in future.

  15. I’ve been using Time tracker for the last 6 years and it works great and is easy to use. Unfortunately I had to totaly set up my macbook anew with an old Time-Machine date, since I had a bug on it. Now I miss one month of my tracked time with Time tracker. I could get the .plist-file out of Time-Machine but can’t open and read it. How can I open, read or import these data without any programming-knowledge? I have version 1.3.13.

    1. Hi. You just habe to place the plist file im the same folder again (actually just copy the whole folder from your backup) and the app should come up with the old data.

    1. Actually, I have been working on a new version for a while which I planned to release to the app store. Its like 90% done but I havent managed to release it. I am still unsure how to proceed with it.

      1. Hey. Hey. Hey,

        that sounds great and I am happy if there is a new version…
        And I’m sure that there are enough grateful users who are looking forward to a new version and are willing to pay for it.

        Until then good luck with the app.

        All the best

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