TimeTracker for OSX 1.3.9 beta

TimeTracker for OSX 1.3.9 beta software update 150x150

I want to announce the availability of the next beta release of Time Tracker for Mac 1.3.9.

Changes include:

  • IMPORTANT! requires Mac OS 10.5 or higher
  • fixed the problem where “all tasks” was not updating the time in realtime.
  • fix the problem where after selecting a different project the “all tasks” didnt show the correct time (but the time from the previously selected project)
  • fixed issue 70 czech localization added (trial)
  • fixed issue 65 drag and drop support was broken for tasks

You can either grab it via the updater or from here http://time-tracker-mac.googlecode.com/files/Time%20Tracker-1.3.9.zip

As always your comments and suggestions are very welcome.

5 Gedanken zu „TimeTracker for OSX 1.3.9 beta“

  1. Hi, havent try the beta, but, find a bug in the stable 1,3,8 maybe it’s corrected in the beta. When deleting a task, it’s still show in the window… No automatic update. If i change projet and return, the deleted task is now out…

    Also, like told before… the window for accepting or refusing sleeping time, doesn’t stick to the main window and, after clic to accept or refuse to count the time, this box still open.

    Thanks…its a verry neat program. Il you add the filter of project and task in the report… it will be awaksome.

    1. Hi Marcel.
      This particular Bug should be fixed in the beta. I am working on a new stable version which will also include this fix. I will also add some logging since I cannot produce the error that you are seeing with the detached idle warning.

  2. not sure if this has been addressed – just started the process of updating TT… I’m on 1.3.4.

    I normally add tasks after completing them. When I do and try to add time to the task, the time is entered in the PREVIOUS task for that client… strange

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