TimeTracker OSX 1.3.10 stable

TimeTracker OSX 1.3.10 stable software update 150x150

This is a release announcement of TimeTracker 1.3.10. This is a bugfix release with the following changes.

  • IMPORTANT! requires Mac OS 10.5 or higher
  • fixed a potential segfault when starting a recording after having “all projects” selected
  • fixed issue 75 adding a recording via the plus while last week filter is on does not show the recording until restart

As always you can grab the build from here or just update via the app.

If you have problems, questions or other feedback, let me know.


note that I had to re-upload a modified binary. Therefore, if you upgraded in the time between my 2nd upload and me changing the appcast you might get a signature mismatch. If this happened to you, please just download the linked file and replace the old timetracker in your Applications folder. Sorry for the inconvenience.

TimeTracker for OSX 1.3.9 beta

TimeTracker for OSX 1.3.9 beta software update 150x150

I want to announce the availability of the next beta release of Time Tracker for Mac 1.3.9.

Changes include:

  • IMPORTANT! requires Mac OS 10.5 or higher
  • fixed the problem where “all tasks” was not updating the time in realtime.
  • fix the problem where after selecting a different project the “all tasks” didnt show the correct time (but the time from the previously selected project)
  • fixed issue 70 czech localization added (trial)
  • fixed issue 65 drag and drop support was broken for tasks

You can either grab it via the updater or from here http://time-tracker-mac.googlecode.com/files/Time%20Tracker-1.3.9.zip

As always your comments and suggestions are very welcome.