TimeTracker 1.3.7 beta released

TimeTracker 1.3.7 beta released software update 150x150

I want to announce the availability of the next beta release of Time Tracker for Mac 1.3.7.

Changes include:

  • IMPORTANT! requires Mac OS 10.5 or higher
  • added preliminary support for closing tasks (time is not counted against project)
  • CSV export now uses UTF-8 which should fix some issues with foreign characters
  • fixed display of time recordings when filter is selected
  • added filters for “last month” and “this month”

You can either grab it via the updater or from here http://time-tracker-mac.googlecode.com/files/Time%20Tracker-1.3.7.zip

As always your comments and suggestions are very welcome.

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  1. Hello!
    I’ve been using this for a while now to track my freelance project hours. Great tool for sure.

    Recently I tried the csv export and it appears to be formatted differently now so that it doesn’t open in Excel properly anymore. The added quotes and semicolon (instead of the comma) are the offenders since removing the quotes and replacing the semicolons in textedit fixes the issue.

    Also, would you consider adding the total hours for each project on the export as well?

    Thanks for keeping this app alive!


    1. Hey mike. Well the only change I have made is to export the files as UTF8 since the export would silently quit if it encountered characters that were not encodable. I haven’t changed the quotes. Need to look into that. I guess it’s not your removing the quotes but losing utf and saving as Latin1 that does the trick.

  2. May I suggest an improvement? There is new checkbox “Completed”. When double clicking on project name. It would be more easily if there where button in Toolbar.

  3. This is a great application. I am using v1.3.7. I really like the fact it recognises idle time and prompts the user if they wish to include this or not.

    When I create a new task, I cannot edit the name – it only shows as “new task”. Having editable task names would be very beneficial.

          1. Thanks Rainer. As it works for you, I thought i would uninstall it and reinstall using the link you provide on this site. It all works fine now, and brings up a nice little dialog box when I double click the task name.

  4. First of all, I’ve been using this for a couple of months now and am loving it. Very simple and straightforward and does pretty much what I need it to do.

    I have a *small* feature request….

    One of the features that I appreciate the most is the ability to display the time in decimal format. I work with two separate systems at work, one using decimal, and using normal time display. The feature I would like to see is the option to show the decimal time as a second column (or as an append to duration column in parenthesis). This way I can see both the normal and decimal time at the same time.

    Thanks for the great work!

      1. Heh, sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant to see both the decimal AND the normal time at the same time in the list view. There are times when it is beneficial for me to see both formats at the same time. Thanks!

  5. Hi Rainer,
    thank you for working on such a useful little app! I only miss two features:

    1) Pause and Resume a Project Task, so that you do not have not many small tasks which are actually belonging to one activity.
    2) Editing the spent time per task would be much easier if you could just put in the hours/mins you worked, instead of calculating the required time from the “start time” and “end time” Field.

    Keep up the good work 😉

    1. Tomasio, 2) makes sense, we could have both the start+end time as well as start + duration. Regarding only recording duration rather than start+end I am not sure, it would break sortability and stuff. So that wont really happen. For many people it is very important to have clear accountability of when they did what. Most of the time, you dont need to enter anything anyway if you are recording normally.

  6. Hi Rainer,

    I am very happy with Time Tracker since you took control over it.

    A feature I am missing is a simple filed that allows me to tick a subtask as been invoiced.

    In that way, I can keep track of what has been done for this customer and also see what has been invoiced or not.

    Kindest regards,


  7. Hi Rainer,

    I started using your application a week ago, not much time yet 😀 but I have it very useful, just one question. Is it possible to delete a task? I have a big project with small tasks that once I have complete them I’d like to delete them just to avoid having too many finished tasks.

    Thank you very much

  8. Hi Rainer,
    This is a great app and it will help when coming up with billable hours for a client. Thanks for your hard work with this and your quick responses in the comments.

    I had a feature request that I’ve seen on other trackers is a minimize window that wouldn’t just send it down to the dock but would condense down to a smaller window with just the basic information; Start/Stop buttons, the project/task, the time spent and maybe a little animation of a moving clock just so you can see there is time being recorded.

    I may be the only one who gets side-tracked by an important email or a phone call that I don’t immediately think about stopping the tracker unless I see some kind of animation either in the dock or in that minimized window.

    Again, thanks for all of your hard work on this, this tracker is very easy to use and extremely useful. Thanks again!

    1. Hey Steve. Well that’s what the system menu icon is for. It shows you whether it’s recording and the current running time. Adding yet another window is IMHO not really improving things specifically as it will typically vanish below tons of other open apps.

  9. Hi – I’m finding this app very useful.
    But why when you mark a task as completed does it subtract that from the total time on a given task/project? I’d like to know at a glance how much time I’ve spent on things, including tasks that are completed?
    Then too, even if one unclicks that the task is completed, the time doesn’t get added back on…?

  10. Rainer,

    I’ve been using TimeTracker since before you took it over. I’m really interested in your updates, but don’t want to lose all my previous data.

    If I upgrade, do I need transcribe my data first? I only ask because there’s a lot and I’m on the version that doesn’t export to csv.


    1. My Version uses a different data file and supports data migration. In theory if you don’t like it you just keep using the old version. That being said a backup never hurts. Look in the discussions of previous articles on where to find the data files. I will eventually create a FAQ.

  11. Hi, give this one a try. The export in utf is a plus since when importing in oo I whon’t have to change the coding.

    Hope it will correct the bug in the inactive time when in other space. The menu for the accept or not the idle time is out of the time traker window and when accept, the menu do not close. So ….

    1. @marcel, the “inactive time” dialog is a property sheet and therefore is forced to the same space as the app, I havent had a problem with this. Are you referring to the old 1.2.x version?

  12. Hi guys,

    I’m switching from linux, where I used KDE KTimeTracker application to log my time, to Mac OS. I was looking for time tracker application and found this one which looks really great and satisfies almost all my needs.

    Now I’m wondering if it’s possible to automatically import projects and tasks from external source into Time Tracker. I see that it’s possible to do csv export, but no import options. Also I see that Time Tracker has CSV Export location preference and it saves it’s data there. But after a few experiments I recognized that it doesn’t load data from times.csv file on it’s start up.

    For KDE KTimeTracker application I wrote a few python libraries to sync time data with my basecamp account (http://code.google.com/p/basecamp-jam/). Now I want to add one more package which will import tasks into this Mac OS Time Tracker app, but can’t find a way how to interact.

    Please, let me know if there is some way I can interact with Time Tracker to import tasks from code.


    1. @Vitaliy, currently TT does not do import at all, only export (since this is what most people are asking for). Import would be possible but is fairly low down on my prio list. However, if you have some coding skills, feel free to contribute 🙂

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