Time Tracker 1.3.6 for Mac stable release

Time Tracker 1.3.6 for Mac stable release software update 150x150

I want to announce the availability of the next stable release of Time Tracker for Mac 1.3.6.

Changes include:

  • changed toolbar icons to the ones courtesy of Bernard Bélanger (thanks a lot)
  • finder info now shows correct app version (thanks to Russe for the tip).
  • fixed issue 22 Now users can choose to display durations as decimal hours.
  • fixed issue 51 Keyboard shortcut for export CSV
  • fixed issue 52 resizing preferences window causes overlap

You can either grab it via the updater or from here http://time-tracker-mac.googlecode.com/files/Time%20Tracker-1.3.6.zip

As always your comments and suggestions are very welcome. The preferences for the decimal hour display are a bit rough, if someone has a suggestion on how it can be made more intuitive, let me know.

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  1. Downloaded TimeTracker yesterday and am using it today while I work. I must say, this app is awesome. I have tried nearly all of them for the Mac and this one does what I need the most: 1) Quick, one selection jumps between tasks – great for rapidly switching between tasks, 2) gives me a running total of my hours. Quick-n-dirty app for tracking my time. Love it.

  2. I’m using TimeTracker for the first time and for whatever reason it will not let me enter my date, time, duration or even start my clock. I’m usually pretty Mac savvy so this is super frustrating. Moreover, I feel like there is no online support for this program! Can someone email me the how-to’s for TimeTracker? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!


    1. Hi Bess, sorry you are having problems with TimeTracker. Its one of those open source programs that had many fathers and passed from hand to hand. There isnt really a help file or an FAQ (although everyone is welcome to create one and I will put it up on. You might get lucky on the mailing list. I never wrote one and I dont think that Aaron (the maintainer before me) created one either. Basically the first things that you need to do is create a project and a task (in that project), select them and then you should be good to start recording by hitting the green start button.
      I have started to capture this information on the wiki page on google code (http://code.google.com/p/time-tracker-mac/wiki/HowToUse). Feel free to add useful information as you see fit.
      Hope that helps

  3. Great program, I have been using it for a long time now.

    I would like to see sorting of projects and/or tasks—once you get a bunch of them, it gets harder to spot the one you want. A nice alphabetical list would help, along with reverse-creation-date.

  4. Bess,

    I had the same problem, created new project and task, but start button disabled, TT would not work, frustrating.

    What worked for me was to drag TT out of applications folder into some other directory and start TT from new location. I verified that TT worked (i.e. could start tracking time/tasks), closed TT and dragged back into applications folder.

    Looks good, Reiner (and founding fathers) nice work!

    OSX 10.5.8 (iMac Intel alum dual-core 4GB RAM)

  5. Hi Rainer, first off, thanks a bundle for taking this project over and continuing to work on it, much appreciated!!

    I am just transitioning to a new computer, and have downloaded the latest and greatest to install. Everything is working fine (for anyone else, if you want to transfer your data from one machine to another simply copy data.plist from ~/Library/Application Support/TimeTracker )

    However, on snow leopard, the icon is not showing up when I alt+tab between applications. Not a huge deal admittedly, but thought you might want to know, as I don’t suppose it’s something that comes up much in testing 😉

    10.6.3 on a MBP



  6. I’ve been using earlier versions of this app for a while and am very impressed with the interface improvements you’ve made! Thanks. HOWEVER, I’m having one extremely important problem:

    Whenever I quit (*not* force quit) the program & then relaunch it, all new data is lost! I lost all my hours for billable work yesterday, but still have old hours from before I installed the update. Any ideas about a solution? This is a big one!

    1. The old versions used to store data in ~/Library/Preferences/com.slooz.timetracker.plist while the newer mmc stores it in ~/Library/Application Support/TimeTracker/data.plist
      So the only way I can imagine your problem happening is that the storing in the new location did not work. Check if there is a file there and whether it is editable and when it was saved. Tt will save every 5 minutes or so.
      If you can repeat this problem with failure to save you could mail me those 2 files so that I can reproduce the problem. Also have a look at the console maybe there is something g that explains it.

  7. I just upgraded to a Mac from PC. I used a program called TimeStamp by Syntap systems… in that program I am able to add an hourly rate to each client separately and it will calculate my time spent on each project times what I charge them = $ that can see by client. Now this is just a feature I enjoy in Timestamp, just wondering if this can be included in an update.

    Thanks so much, looking forward to using your program.

  8. Belated thanks for the fix for issue 28 in 1.3.5 – having the app stay open quietly and out of the way in the menu bar is great. It’s also great to see this app getting some love these days, and much appreciated – thanks for your efforts! 🙂


  9. First, Thanks!!! Very cool app for tracking.

    Maybe I’m doing it wrong … but I can’t figure out how to edit start and end time.

    When I double click on the item the start time is as follows:

    Ju 6/ 1/2010 Ju 6/ 1/2010

    and the end time is

    Ju 6/ 1/2010 ju 6/ 1/2010

    I don’t see where I can actually edit the hours/minutes.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. It seems to me that your locale settings are screwed up. Can you try and revert to the default language format settings? Go to system prefs->language and text->Formats and make sure that you dont have a custom configuration. If this does not help, raise a defect in google-code and let me know your region setting.
      – Rainer

  10. I’m so glad I found this application. It has gone straight onto my dock which is in very selective company. Up to now have been using Timetracker (without a space) on iPhone which has the same basic set up projects and task but cannot edit which project has been assigned to after it is set. It does offer a quickstart button though that starts the timer and lets you assign the project etc after you have finished – this is great for me who is not that organised – maybe this could be an option. What would be great if could manually enter time quickly – say if I knew that did 15 minutes on something could put that in (the start stop time isn’t that important for me but some record of the time spent is) and assign it to a project.

    Two little things that would make it smoother and snappier -1 if you could double click in project or task window (under the ones already listed) to open new task/project dialogue box rather than having to find the icon and click on it. and -2 if could close (and confirm) any dialogue windows by pressing return rather than having to click OK button (although the cursor would have to be out of the notes box). Many thanks great work.

    1. I am not very keen on the double clicking part (-1) because IMHO its not really done in a lot of other apps and I dont want to come up with new interaction patterns when there are already established ones. However, I am thinking about moving “+”/”-” buttons underneath each of the lists to let you add/remove projects / tasks right from there.

      Ad manually entering time: in the lower bar there is already a “+” button that will let you add manual recordings (even when the timer is recording). Double clicking them lets you modify the properties of this recording. I use this to post-mortem enter times where I forgot to start the timer. So I would think that would work for you.
      -2: is a good idea however, I would prefer something like CMD-Enter so that I can have multiline comments.

  11. Great app!!

    As I’m a designer, I would like to offer my help by working on the app GUI.
    I have a lot of ideas for UI improvements & usability solutions.
    What say you?

    BTW, is there a way to move tasks between projects?

  12. No plans for an iPhone version, is there? I like the app but am not at my desktop all the time. The problem is that this is the best time tracker I have found! I need to manage my hours, not bill. Time tracker is really nice for this and I love the ability to set up reports so I can see how (in) efficient I am being.

  13. Hi Rainer,

    and thanks a lot for your work on this project. I’ve been using your version for some weeks now, but on last saturday, I discovered I couldn’t export anymore my recent data.

    I’ve used TT for 5 weeks, and now my /Application Support/TimeTracker/data.plist is 70ko. And for a reason I can’t understand, I’m able to export anything before 2010/06/21, but I can’t export anything after this date.

    I’ve tryed to edit some taks, removing what I thought could create a bug in the program, I also tryed to remove some very old task, to have a lighter data.plist file, but TT don’t want to export.

    I’ve tryed to check the auto export CSV files, but once again, the export stopped on 21/06/2010. I’ve tryed to delete it, but TT seems to not be able to create a new one.

    What I have done wrong ? Is it possible to extract data form the data.plist which seems to be encoded ?

    Thanks so much by advance for your help !

  14. Thanks a lot Rainer, I just sent you my mail few minutes ago.

    Regarding this issue http://code.google.com/p/time-tracker-mac/issues/detail?id=57 I discovered the export form Time Tracker is done with Western (ISO Latin 1), which is a format can’t be decoded with Excel.

    If you want to import properly your data in Excel, just change the format of your export (I personnaly use BBEdit) to Western (Mas OS Roman) save and try to import it again. It should work.

  15. Thanks for Time Tracker! I’ve been using it for quite some time now (over a year?).
    One request: Be able to drag-and-drop tasks into different projects. (But if you’re going to add Customers, then into that category…because every now and then I make a mistake and track a task under the wrong client name and can’t rescue the tracked time data.)
    Much obliged!

  16. Brilliant! I am a recent Mac convert and was looking for something to replace Timecore. After trying zillions of different things Time Tracker is it! Have found a couple of small things (hopefully)I would like to suggest for a future release: As I need to keep track of time spent during the month, could there be a couple of new smart filters – ‘Last Month’ and ‘This Month’ – or at least could the last Custom filter be remembered? Also, could there be an option for manually timed tasks to start with seconds at 00? Thanks again for your hard work …

  17. … one more request – would it be possible to include the count of the number of tasks in addition to the total time elapsed … my customers never think I’ve done much for my time so I always include the number of tasks in addition to the total time spent …

  18. It would be amazing to have an update again! The export function could be made more appealing, but mostly I am impressed with how this program still works so very well: uncluttered non-cloud-based time-tracking.

    1. I actually do have a version in development which is quite far, however, I fear it won’t be free anymore, if you are interested in testing, let me know.

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