TimeTracker 1.3.4 stable release

Good news, I have fixed a few more annoying issues and now declare 1.3.4 as stable. This is now available on the new stable app cast and I will try to move existing users over to my updated version. I have also committed all outstanding changes into SVN so for the adventurous, you should be able to compile on your own. If not, let me know.

There has not really been any big new feature just a few minor updates (and sparkle updates should be working well now).

If you have 1.3.3 you should be able to get 1.3.4 automatically through sparkle. If it does not prompt you, click “Check for updates” and it should be available.

You can also directly grab the new version at


41 Gedanken zu „TimeTracker 1.3.4 stable release“

  1. I just updated my version with the latest 1.3.4 update.
    The version # in the “About” panel still says 1.3.2. If I do a ‘Check For Updates’ it continues to say I need to download 1.3.4 each time. I’ve done a logout and same result. Are others noticing this?

    1. That is correct. See previous comment. I thought after 2 years it’s about time to move to leopard. The thing is that programming for leopard is a lot nicer. Since I do this in my spare time I don’t really have the energy to support older versions.

  2. I really like your APP!
    Simple and to the point!
    There are two add on I would like to see.
    1) Ability to enter my own time. Sometimes I forget to start the app to record time on what I am working.
    2) Able to have the same app on my IPhone and port data back and forth.

    What do you think. Is this possible??
    Please let me know!!!

    email: timetracker@drgeb.com


    1. 1) already works. you can start recording any time, double click the entry and modify the start time. You can even add another entry while recording (check the “+” button underneath the time entry list)
      2) well, erm, … if I have a LOT of time and/or loose my day job. I am definitely tempted but I would probably do the CoreData port first in order to make it easier to port.

  3. I would like to suggest possibility to sort projects and tasks by:
    1) date last used / first used
    2) alphabetical
    3) manually by drag and drop (it was possible in TimeTracker 1.2.6)

  4. I would love to see some features similar to TimePost (http://www.timepost2.com/). It would be great if Time Tracker could fetch projects/task using a protocol similar to the BaseCamp protocol and then push time tracking at the end of the day. Then, any company with an internal time tracking system could write a BaseCamp compatible API and use Time Tracker with it!

  5. Good job! But…

    1) I don’t need “Smart Filters” for nothing and I can hide this window. It’s very annoying.

    2) I don’t need “All projects” nor “All Tasks” in Projects and Tasks windows. I would like to see just my projects and my tasks in these windows. Moreover, when you select a project, “All tasks” is always selected. It is very confusing.

    3) I also think that the filtering docking bar above time tracker window is disgusting. It appears and disappears magically. I can’t understand the behaviour of this bar. I also feel that it’s completely unnecessary for me. How can I hide it permanently?

    4) Why is the font size so small? It’s hard to read. The previous versions of the app had a bigger font size and I think you can read numbers at first glance.

    1. You have to notice that I do this in my FREE TIME (typically when my wife and kids are in bed). Apart from using the program myself I get exactly ZERO cash for this. I do it because I like the tool and I felt that aaron wasn’t moving into the direction where I needed the program to be.
      I welcome constructive criticism and try to integrate it as much as I can. I do NOT like to be shouted at, how stupid some of the features are and how ugly it looks. If you think it can be done in a better way either code it yourself or at least provide meaningful screenshots or other kind of documentation.
      The tool is how I currently need it. I realize that other people have other needs and I often try to honour them unless they are in total contrast to what I need.
      Just telling me that certain features stink (or you don’t need them) does not help at all and therefore won’t produce the desired result.

    2. so to answer your questions. The filter bar is always visible when there is a filter active. It will hide when there is no filter active. So if you select “none” in the filter list, then the filter bar will be invisible. If you select some other filter it is visible.
      The fact that you dont need the filters is your own choice, for me it is an absolute crucial tool for my time reporting since all of my projects run over multiple weeks and I have to report my time on a weekly basis.
      I can try to make a configuration so that people can disable this bar completely but from all the feedback I have gotten, it seems that its not only me who likes/needs this.
      Regarding how does the filtering work: Well thats exactly why I created those sample filters like yesterday, custom, … You can restrict the number of records that will show up in the lower pane for exactly the reasons I have mentioned (you have long running projects and only want to see records from a certain time span, e.g. what did I do last monday, last tuesday, in the last 3 weeks, …).
      The filter bar is a pretty standard Mac OS UI paradigm which is why I thought it was quite natural to be used. If you have ever used spotlight and smart searches (or have used itunes), you should know how they work in principle.
      If you still find it too hard to use, maybe someone else can come up with some help or description that is even better (thats what open source is for). As stated previously, I appreciate constructive feedback, just try to be polite.

    1. That’s odd. Haven’t had any reports like this before. If you want/can you could send me your data file and I can take a look. It is in userhome/library/preferences/com.slooze.timetracker.plist

  6. Some Gr8 improvements- Thanks for the update!

    I’ve been using TT off and on for the past couple of years now and… well, now that I’m using it more steadily I’m planning on sending in some green!

    In the previous version, I depended on being able to edit my start & stop times. Has that functionality been omitted? If it has, is there a way to add it back in, or should I regress?

    One to put on the “love to have” list…
    – print all windows (styled)

    Please lemme know about the editing thing…
    thnx again

  7. Great Update !

    Question : The “seconds” are stripped out when I export the data.
    I just finished a job and Time Tracker reports 75:34:01 in its mais window for that job. When I open the exported data in Excel, the seconds don’t show. So Excel tells me 74:58:00. I’m loosing 36 minutes of billable time !

    Is it just me ?

  8. Just updated —

    What I’m missing the most is the ability to drag my projects into a different order.

    I enter a placeholder project at the start of each month “APRIL” and then add new projects as they come up. I liked that I could drag them into alphabetical order manually — (beneath my placeholder project for the current month)

    Thanks for your time on this — you’ve added lots of features. Might be nice if some were optional.

    1. check http://code.google.com/p/time-tracker-mac/issues/detail?id=45&can=1. It will be in the next version.

      Regarding optional features: which would they be? I tend to have very limited time to work on this. Therefore, I add the stuff that I need most. While I know and appreciate that other people have different needs, it is quite hard, to justify adding even more effort for something I dont care a lot about. But if you have some simple suggestions, I can definitely take a look eventually.

  9. I just updated to 1.3.4 and noticed a bug. The All Tasks item in the Task module does not display the total for the current Project that is being displayed. Rather, it displays the total time for the previously selected Project.

  10. Good job with the updates! In my system idle doesn’t seem to work in 1.3.4. There’s the question “do you want to count this time” and I hit NO but it still counts the time.

    Anyone else having this problem?


  11. Love what you’ve done with Time Tracker. I’d been using an old version for years blissfully unaware that there were changes afoot!

    If there’s not already a way, would it be possible to select the location of the timetracker database? I have two computers which share some storage. I never use both at the same time, but I sure would like to track time from each of them into the same database.

    1. @angus Well terminal junkies can already do this via terminal and setting a symlink for /Library/Application Support/TimeTracker/data.plist

      Obviously be aware if you are using 2 instances at the same time then only the last one to save will win.
      You cab however file a ticket in the issue tracker and I can take a look once I have time.

  12. Thanks for that – I did try creating an Alias for the folder, and it opened the database correctly, but wouldn’t save to it. I’ll have to dust of my terminal skills and give it a go.

  13. Putting the default file to ~/times.csv is rather odd and unusual. What about using ~/Documents/Time Tracker.csv?

    People sometimes delete files they don’t expect where they are or can’t associate to an application.

    Or show a dialog on first startup to ask where to save it.


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