Time Tracker 1.3.6 for Mac stable release

I want to announce the availability of the next stable release of Time Tracker for Mac 1.3.6.

Changes include:

  • changed toolbar icons to the ones courtesy of Bernard Bélanger (thanks a lot)
  • finder info now shows correct app version (thanks to Russe for the tip).
  • fixed issue 22 Now users can choose to display durations as decimal hours.
  • fixed issue 51 Keyboard shortcut for export CSV
  • fixed issue 52 resizing preferences window causes overlap

You can either grab it via the updater or from here http://time-tracker-mac.googlecode.com/files/Time%20Tracker-1.3.6.zip

As always your comments and suggestions are very welcome. The preferences for the decimal hour display are a bit rough, if someone has a suggestion on how it can be made more intuitive, let me know.

TimeTracker OSX 1.3.5 beta release

I want to announce the availability of the next beta release of TimerTracker for Mac. Version 1.3.5 has the following modifications:

  • IMPORTANT! requires Mac OS 10.5 or higher
  • fixed issue 44 where CSV export did not include seconds.
  • fixed issue 45 bring back drag and drop support for projects and tasks
  • fixed issue 28 added support to close the main window and leave TimeTracker running
  • fixed issue 49 Text filtering broken when used in conjunction with smart filters
  • fixed issue 47 filterbox sometimes appears partially out of view
  • now when loading data (importing from old versions) TT makes sure that task names are not duplicated within a project

I have not marked it as public as I first want to see how „daring people“ fare with this. So let me know if you have problems.

You can either grab it via the updater or from here http://time-tracker-mac.googlecode.com/files/Time%20Tracker-1.3.5.zip

TimeTracker 1.3.4 stable release

Good news, I have fixed a few more annoying issues and now declare 1.3.4 as stable. This is now available on the new stable app cast and I will try to move existing users over to my updated version. I have also committed all outstanding changes into SVN so for the adventurous, you should be able to compile on your own. If not, let me know.

There has not really been any big new feature just a few minor updates (and sparkle updates should be working well now).

If you have 1.3.3 you should be able to get 1.3.4 automatically through sparkle. If it does not prompt you, click „Check for updates“ and it should be available.

You can also directly grab the new version at