TimeTracker 1.3.3 beta release

I have released the first beta after taking over the maintainership over TimeTracker. This version does not yet show up in the old users sparkle updater but it can be downloaded from the google site anyway.

As announced before, this version focuses on a new layout and more flexible filtering.


if you want to get further beta versions, go to the settings and select “Beta Releases” in the preferences.

TimeTracker 1.3.3 beta release 20100325 j2c1qs8fai6x34ww1fn7f4b91c

Let me know what you think.

Grab it at: http://time-tracker-mac.googlecode.com/files/Time%20Tracker-1.3.3.zip

17 Gedanken zu „TimeTracker 1.3.3 beta release“

  1. Great work! A lot of improvements from 1.2.6!

    May I suggest an additional feature – marking tasks as completed. I realize this is not related to time tracking, but rather to task management, yet I think it’d be quite useful to have.

  2. These are great updates! The most straightforward and utilitarian time tracking tool I’ve found is the Gnome-based Project Hamster applet; TimeTracker seems quite close to this tool, with the seemingly only missing feature being the ability to edit notes straight from the menubar icon. What’s the chance of adding that feature?

    Also, are there plans to implement iCal integration to the extent that minco does?

    1. Hi
      I am not aware what hamster really does. Have you got a screenshot or something that shows the edit via menubar feature? For me it’s quite intuitive to double click on any of the entries shown on the screen. Also you can choose “edit entry” from the system menu. So I am not sure that we need yet another option unless it’s super awesome.
      Regarding iCal sync, I don’t really have any plans yet since I personally don’t find it very useful. My calendar is for appointments (mostly looking forward) while my time entries are records dating back. I don’t schedule “work time” in my calendar as it obscures an already busy schedule.
      As I said these are my personal findings and I am aware that other people have different needs.
      Why exactly would you find iCal sync useful?

  3. Minco’s iCal integration can either be into your primary calendar, or (my preference) into a 2nd calendar. Many times a client has asked “what happened on X day” or “when were you working on X project”, for me, the answer is always a quick calendar check away. The ability to seamlessly integrate this function would eliminate all the existing extra steps I’m taking to record this info.

    While the edit or double-click buttons of TimeTracker’s note function do work OK, the ability to quickly and efficiently add a note, without a bunch of menus, waiting and double-checking has proven incredibly useful. Here’s some Hamster screenshots: http://projecthamster.wordpress.com/screenshots/

    1. Hmm why don’t you check in timetracker if your client asks? There I have all the documentation he could ever want. As I said the iCal sync is not huge on my prio list but hey it’s open source, someone else might want to build it.

      I have seen some screenshots of hamster now and there are actually a lot of cool ideas. Need to see how to integrate it best. The biggest problem is that it isn’t very mac like to enter text into the toolbar apart from searching but since you can configure the toolbar yourself I could add a special widget that you could optionallu drag on to the bar. Interesting…

  4. A ‘completed’ task would appear strikethrough. It might be a good idea to prevent new time being logged to a completed task. Adding time to a completed task could happen only by mistake.

    I figured such a feature would be useful to keep track of which tasks I have completed for a project and thus use Time Tracker for a very simple project management tool, as well as time-tracking.

  5. @rainer the spontaneity of it; meetings or other times I’m simply not at the computer. As best I can tell, there’s also no way to enable subscriptions nor automated publishing an iCal format of the data from TimeTracker. It’s not a terribly common question, but when it does arise, the spontaneity of quantifiable replies does significantly aid legitimacy and promptly quell concerns.

    Oh well, TimeTracker is a great tool as-is, and iCal integration is not a make/break critical feature in my book.

    Although easier and more seamless/rapid task-specific note entry would certainly help streamline the data-collection facet of evidence-based scheduling (aka: Scrums, from the agile software development methodology). If I only had enough time in the day to checkout your code 🙂

  6. @rainer: Great job! Me too, I would appreciate a simple “completed” or “billed” feature. My suggestions for a completed task: grey it out and/or show a checkmark in front
    Otherwise I would be happy if TimeTracker stayed simple and not too feature-laden.

    @GB: timeedition has iCal integration. But of course it’s not as sleek as TimeTracker…

  7. This is great! Glad you are taking the reins and making improvements. I have been using this for a while and really like it. The only thing I kinda wish was available would be a Gmail Gadget for it. I use google as basically my PM software. The timetracker was the only missing piece. Thanks, keep up the great work!

  8. Please bring back the ability to move the projects up or down in the list, or give the ability to view alphabetically.

    Love your product… one of the best i have found, and I have used alot…

    Simple and clean!!!

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