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This is just a quick note to let you know that I will be taking over the maintainership of the TimeTracker for mac since Aaron will not have enough time available to move the app forwards in the next year or so.

So thats quite exciting news. At the moment, I have most of the functionality that I want for the next release but there are still a few bugs here and there. Also I will need to work some more on backporting some of the features of the official TimeTracker (sparkle update for once) so that I can make new versions available to people via auto updates rather than needing to work with the website.

All my code is on the google code page and I intend to use this as a repository (I know that Aarons stuff is on GitHub but I am more used to SVN).

However, I encourage participation in the project as I neither have tons of time available nor am I the absolute uber-expert on Mac OS programming. So if you know some Sparkle details, feel free to contribute.

The upcoming version will mainly feature more flexible filtering, along with being able to combine queries such as show me all entries of last thursday, or all records happened on a monday in the past 6 weeks (you get the idea, otherwise look at the screenshot in the previous post).

I will NOT yet include customers as a new grouping hierarchy mainly because I want to get the current version stable and going before I move on.

Future versions will focus on the following features

  • ability to define and save custom filters (smart filters)
  • adding “customers” as a new grouping hierarchy
  • coredata support (could use some help there)
  • nicer and better export tools (Numbers, etc. – Long way out)

Regarding a release I need to figure out how to do it properly. As I said I want to eventually make it available through sparkle so that existing users will be notified about the update. I am fairly confident that the application is reasonably stable and I haven’t lost any data in years (not even during my migration from the older timetracker version which is required since the newer version adds support for comments, etc). However, I am not really comfortable with pushing the current version out just yet. So probably I will make a “beta” available here.

Once I have added sparkle support, will then push it into the Beta channel through sparkle. Then after some fixes, I will push the main version.

Let me know your comments!

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  1. Just a quick comment that I’ve been fortunate enough to see what he’s been working on. It’s definitely a nice direction for Time Tracker and it’ll be great to see more in the coming months 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Ich suche schon eine Weile (und immer wieder neu) nach einem Zeiterfassungstool. Die meisten sind mir zu überladen. Und die Idee, aus der Zeiterfassung automatisch eine Rechnung zu generieren, geht an meiner Erfahrung (Design-Freelancer) völlig vorbei. Todos und anderen Schnickschnack will ich auch nicht.
    Auch meine Kunden muss ich in der Zeiterfassung nicht verwalten. Im Grunde reichen Projekt und Task.
    Was ich noch gerne hätte (und dann wärs perfekt für mich)
    1. Notizen zu den einzelnen Zeiteinträgen (Was hab ich da genau gemacht)
    2. Subtotals für Tasks (ich berechne dem Kunden ja nicht einzelne Zeitschnipsel, sondern die Gesamtzeit für eine Aufgabe)
    3. Export nach Numbers mit Felderauswahl, so dass ich nur die Felder exportieren kann, die ich wirklich brauche.
    4. Schick wäre irgendeine Webanbindung, so dass ich das iphone auch noch reingucken lassen kann. Aber das wär – ehrlich gesagt – reine Spielerei.

  3. I’m posting this question here since I couldn’t find a contact link on your blog.

    When transferring data from one Mac to a new Mac, where do I find the TimeTracker data to export it to the new Mac?


  4. Maybe you should change the name slightly, in order to make it easier to find the latest versions. This could possibly go well with a new stable release. Eg. call it time tracker 2.

    1. Well the plan is to move all old time tracker users to my version. I thought by giving it version 1.3.x it would already indicate more features.
      The current version still has at least one bug I know of and probably a few more (although they don’t really affect anyone badly, they are just minor nuisances. I have been using this version for over a month without too many problems). If I don’t hear of any other grave problems I will mark the next version as official and ask Aaron to make this version available in his stable appcast so that all existing users will be notified through sparkle).

  5. I like the new look! One feature that was in the previous version was that I could see how much time I spent on a project by day. To hopefully clarify, I spent 4 segments of time on 3/26/09, each segment of time was different and I want to see just how much time I spent on that project on 3/26. In the current version I’m having to add the time, in the time was shown by date.

    1. hmm, typically you would choose a filter like “Yesterday” and change the date to 3/26, then in the project list you see how much time you spent on each project that day, in the task list you see how much time you spent per task on that single day. At least thats how I do it. If that does not explain enough, please provide a screenshot comparison.

  6. Hi, I was wondering if I am doing something wrong?

    I have Time Tracker Version 1.3.10 (1.3.10) and when I click on a Task in the right column, and then try to delete it, it doesn’t delete.

    As I recall, it used to do this, but now it doesn’t do it anymore.

    I tried from the menu and also by using the Delete (backspace) key.

    Is there something I am doing wrong? Than you very much for an excellent program!


      1. There are no filters selected. When I hit the backspace key (with a task selected; highlighted in orange), I am asked if I am sure I want to delete the selected item(s). I click on YES. Then the Task is de-selected (no longer highlighted in orange). The task and all its times, remain, however.
        Thank you!

  7. OK here’s an update:
    I just quit the program and started it up again and now everything is working properly!
    I’ll have to leave that to you explain.
    I’m just happy that it’s acting normal again!

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