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This is just a quick post so that you guys know what I am currently working on. As posted previously the main task is to make the filtering much smarter than it is today. I imagine this to work like smart playlists in itunes or smart albums in iphoto. See the screenshot for an example.

TTOutlook  TimeTracker NG outlook TTOutlook

So the idea is to allow people to configure their own individual filters with elements such as

  • start date
  • end date
  • weekday
  • start date >= X days before today

If you have additional recommendations / wishes, let me know.

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  1. Wow! This will be a fairly serious reworking! Can’t wait to see it!

    I mainly use the App just to track my time/client/project work during the day and then complete my time sheet. While the current version works nicely now that I know how to use it, this appears more intuitive.

    The column UI looks slick!

  2. Hi, first thanks to give your time to make improvement on this nice program.

    The picture about the smart filters look interesting. The drawback of the actual version is the need to go on a spreadsheet to make compilation.

    If you plan to make formating of the project that will be verry usefull. By that I think of using the filter to make time compilation for a predefine period but by project and sub-project with sub_total time spend for each sub-Project and the total for the project itself. Also, by doing this type of report, the choice for going to a new page after each project should be a choice when printing the report.

    Also, I think of something like a check box who apply on the subcategories to each time list… so it could be easy to said to included all check but leave uncheck from the report. Sometime, you can’t always charge all time spend and you need to retreive these one for later use. By using a check box it’s could be easy to know wich one is bill and not. For now, at each billing period I have to transfert to the spreadsheet, clear time tracker and then separate the one to bill from the lot.

    In the wich list, if the cat and sub-cat can also have a management of some short to check and uncheck the one to see in the time manager. Maybe for some time a project is replace by others ones and you do not whant a long list of project to show… only the active one.

    1. wow, thats a long list 🙂 I am not sure how intense I will become with reporting or whether it makes more sense to have good export capabilities to numbers / xls. You can do many of your wishes that way and are obviously quite flexible about it. The current version already allows you to export only the selected data rather than the full list (all the time), so you can already do selective exports of individual projects and time spans. If you find it hard to keep track of whats already billed or not, I typically create new tasks for stuff that is not yet billed, but I could forsee a feature where you can mark the current project as billed and then only show the non-billed stuff (this would also be possible eventually with smart filters).

      So try out the latest version for now with the selective export, that will already reduce the pain you have with the old version. Also note that I NEVER clear my timetracker db. So I have years worth of records. With selective export this works just fine (or at least it should).

      So my current focus is getting the smart filtering to work and once this is stable, I will release it before adding multiple client support. Then we can talk about the “billed” management.

  3. I Rainer, tanks, it’s just a path to feature I think it’s missing. Do not expect to see it in the next release of the next or next one. You ask for wishes list so..

    Maybe I forget something but I can’t see how keeping all db . If you have a lot of small task, I havent found a way to reduce the one I need in the project/task window. So, for now, I export the csv with date of export, bring it to openoffice and then short by task and project. After I have to clear the project/task to create new project/task and see only current project.

    It’s not a big problem. I just see that the check update doesn’t match the latest you have release. I have 1,2,1 and you previous post tell 1,3,1 so I will give it a try…

    Thanks again and sorry if my english is not clear because I’m not bilingual… from Québec you see…

  4. The current filters (Day Week Month) don’t work very well in 1.3.1.

    I click on Pick Date, Cancel, Day. I get yesterday. Pick Date, choose Tuesday, Week—I get Tuesday, but not Monday. Pick Date, cancel, Month—once again, I get only today. This behavior is too erratic to be of much use.

    I like the improvements you’ve made, but this worked a lot better in 1.2.6.

  5. The current filter seems to work off the “Pick Date” button: Day is the last date picked, Week is the week beginning with that day, and Month is the month beginning with that day.

    How I would expect it to work: Day is the current computer date, no matter what. Week is the 7-day period beginning the Monday (or other specified date) before the current computer date. Month is the calendar month of the current computer date. Pick Date would pick a specific date (or perhaps a range of dates) and have no relation to the Day, Week & Month buttons. There should perhaps also be a way to completely unfilter, showing all elapsed time.

    I for one don’t need elaborate filtering; it’s nice to know what I’ve been doing this week, or how much time a certain project has taken, but I don’t need much more than that. What I like about this program is that it is simple and uncluttered, and (unlike other programs out there) it doesn’t make me designate customers, clients, rates, or anything else—it just keeps track of the time. Keep up the good work, we really appreciate it!

    1. Different people have different needs. I tend to like the smart filters as they allow me to specifically configure “reports” that I use for reporting my time. But I hear you that this might not be needed by all people. The filtering in the current version was a long time “good enough” for my personal use, however, I know that it was neither intuitive nor very good. This is why I started this whole NG thing since I was not happy with it. The way the filter works is that you choose a date first and then select date/week or month and the selected date will always be the START of the selected time span. To remove the filter you have to click “select date” and then click cancel (which is horrible I know). Anyway with the new version (once I get time to fix all the issues with it), you will have a few selections just like in itunes:

      All: will show you everything

      Today: will show you todays tasks

      This week: will show you tasks within the current week

      last week


      Those will be available out of the box (unless you delete them) and you will be able to configure custom filters if you want (according to your statement, I guess you wont). Regarding customers, I will definitely make this kind of optional (once I even start with it, this will certainly be phase 2) and you will be able to simply hide the customer column so that you can still use the app the way you are used to.

  6. This sounds great, I’m looking forward to trying it—it’s always a pleasant surprise to discover a useful function that you didn’t know you needed. Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. I do have a very first version working but it does not allow storage of smart filters and it still has a few bugs. At the moment, I am a bit low on spare time, but there is definitely progress. Let me know if you want to be alpha tester :).
      It will not screw up your data, but it might act funny at times.

  7. Well, I’m happy to do testing and provide feedback (and I think I can do a fairly reasonable job, I’m a developer). But, I do actually need the data for my timesheets, so if there’s any issue with saving data or retrieving data it’s a bit of a non-starter.

    I don’t need a lot of fancy filters, but if the pre-built-in ones for Day, Week, Month are in there, that’s probably fine. Feel free to email me if it’s at least stable.


  8. Is there any future option to run this sweet app without any dock icon? The dock icon is annoying me. Controlling this app completely from the statusbar would be neat.

    1. It is totally doable. AFAIK all that is needed is a change to the plist file but I would need to think about the implications (need to be able to hide/bring up the main window from the system menu, etc.). However, it is not on my priority list right now.

    1. 🙂 well I would hate to break promises, so I wont make any. My first prio is to get the new version out of the door. This means making it more stable and fixing the most obvious bugs. Then I can take a look. But be my guest to provide graphics.

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