TimeTracker, I’m alive edition

menubar  TimeTracker, I’m alive edition menubar

This is a minor upgrade to TimeTracker. Here is what has changed:

  • updated version number to 1.3.1
  • shortcut list in menubar also shows currently selected task for quick start
  • CSV export can now export either the whole dataset or only the current selection (filter, indicated by the arrow, see screenshot above)

You can download the file here => Time Tracker-1.3.1.app

Some outlook for next versions: I have been toying around with the filtering concept which is currently not really nicely done. I think I will implement something like iTunes smart playlists where you can save your filters and have them easily accessible. Once this is done I will probably look at either merging the code with Aarons version or start implementing CoreData support (currently the whole database is loaded to RAM which will eventually accumulate lots of mem and affect startup/shutdown performance).

Let me know what you think.

8 Gedanken zu „TimeTracker, I’m alive edition“

  1. Hey, I like the new shortcut list.

    Great stuff!

    I noticed that the currently timing item is no longer grayed out on the right side list of timed sessions. Not a big deal, but that was a nice touch.

    One thing I’ve been wondering about would be if there could be a tooltip on a currently running timer in the menu bar, or at least making the current timing task viewable with a right click on the dock icon or something. I frequently find myself getting distracted and “forgetting” what I was currently timing. I have too many windows open 😉 Another more hidden option might be to show the current filter drop-down on “option-click” on the timer. Might be nice, because you could immediately switch (maybe 😉 to another task.

    I’m looking forward to some “smart” filters. Could be cool.

    Keep up the great work. I’ll probably be linking to your blog updates here from my Web site if I ever start blogging again 😉

    1. Hmm, the tooltip should already work, at least it does for me. I will take a look at why the styling of the current recording item is gone. I know that I put it in there and dont remember removing it voluntarily.
      I didnt quite get the proposal for the option-click timer thingy. Can you explain a bit more?

      Regarding the new version, I am actually excited about it so I guess it wont be as long as it took for the current version to come out. The thing is that I need this feature myself so there is a lot of incentive for me to complete it.

  2. Hey, my bad. I’m so sorry, the tooltip is actually there!

    Regarding the “option-click” … I was only thinking it might be nice to be able to get the drop-down when it’s still timing. So maybe, if you option clicked the “Stop” button timer that’s showing while it’s timing in the menubar, maybe you’d be able to get the drop-down with the recent items without it stopping. Then, if you selected one, it would stop the current and immediately switch.

    No 100% necessary, but I figured if it wasn’t too hard, option-click might not add too much clutter.

    Smart filters would rock, glad to hear you’re motivated 😉

    Thanks again, great stuff,

    1. Funny exactly this is what I am already implementing (have the popup while the timer is running). It’s good that someone else comes to the same conclusions. However currently it comes up all the time which I don’t like either so it definitely needs to be on right click or something.

  3. Just found TimeTracker and your alternative version of it. I truly hope that you could merge this with Aaron’s version as it would make the project easier to develop as GitHub’s tools look more powerful than what Google Code offers. At the moment I’m just starting to learn programming but I would be quite interested to make improvements to the software in the future when I have more time and better skills for it.

    The reason why TimeTracker feels interesting in the middle of many other tools is that since the software is Open Source code. It’s just that the distributed development should be made easier and I wonder if git’s toolset would make it easier compared to SVN. Even so, the most important thing is that both of you would be working with same codebase so that it would be more clear of where one could contribute to the development of the project.

    1. My most recent version will be closer to aarons source base in many ways as I started to use most of his new class structure. However this is a large project and it takes time (which is quite hard for me to free up). In further versions I will try to close the gap but I won’t make any promises.

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