TimeTracker, I’m alive edition

menubar  TimeTracker, I’m alive edition menubar

This is a minor upgrade to TimeTracker. Here is what has changed:

  • updated version number to 1.3.1
  • shortcut list in menubar also shows currently selected task for quick start
  • CSV export can now export either the whole dataset or only the current selection (filter, indicated by the arrow, see screenshot above)

You can download the file here => Time Tracker-1.3.1.app

Some outlook for next versions: I have been toying around with the filtering concept which is currently not really nicely done. I think I will implement something like iTunes smart playlists where you can save your filters and have them easily accessible. Once this is done I will probably look at either merging the code with Aarons version or start implementing CoreData support (currently the whole database is loaded to RAM which will eventually accumulate lots of mem and affect startup/shutdown performance).

Let me know what you think.