Creating OmniFocus Tasks from Entourage, take 3

Omnifocus-1  Creating OmniFocus Tasks from Entourage, take 3 Omnifocus 1

It seems that my previous script to make omnifocus tasks out of entourage stopped working, either due to OF 1.7.x or Snow Leopard.

Anyway I have updated the script now and it should work on all versions.


Update 7.1.2010

While this mail rule is currently the latest one, please take a look at the newest posts tagged with “Omnifocus“, to find if there is a newer version.

Update 19.10.2010

In case you have switched to Outlook, take a look at this post.

Update 7.12.2010

Just in time for the holidays there is an updated version of the script for all you Entourage users out there.

Creating OmniFocus tasks in Entourage – take 4

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  1. I’m trying out Omnifocus, and would really like to get this working before I pull the trigger on buying (am using another GTD solution now).

    However, I get: “Omnifocus got an error: quick entry doesn’t understand the open message.”

    I’m on Entourage 2004 (I know, old, but I use VB macros, so I can’t update) with my company’s Exchange server, and of course the newest Omnifocus (1.7.5).

    Any help?

  2. Hi–

    I was able to fix this with a few changes to the script. Don’t know how many of these would be universal, and how many are just for my configuration.

    First, I couldn’t write to the tmp folder, even though it existed. So I changed one line to this (removing the “tmp/” from before “entourage”:

    set theFileName to “entourage” & theID & “.eml”

    Then, the Finder couldn’t delete it. I had to add an extra variable that included “Macintosh HD:” in the pathname:

    set thePathName to “Macintosh HD:entourage” & theID & “.eml”

    Then later, change theFileName to thePathName for the Finder deletion:

    tell application “Finder”
    delete file thePathName
    end tell

    Lastly, they may have just changed quick entry…looks like 1) you don’t need to (can’t?) open it, and 2) you need to add a save line, or the items that are added there just sit there and don’t pass to OmniFocus. So, I now have (and I think this would apply to everyone?):

    tell application “OmniFocus”
    set theDoc to default document
    set theTask to theName
    set theNote to theContent
    tell quick entry
    set NewTask to make new inbox task with properties {name:theTask, note:theContent}
    tell the note of NewTask
    make new file attachment with properties {file name:theFileName, embedded:true}
    end tell
    end tell
    end tell

    Note that I commented out “open” (i.e. added — in fron), and added save before the second to last end tell.

    Hope this is helpful!


    1. Hi Gary, thanks for your comments. The first part (removing the /tmp from the filename) was a direct reason for your 2nd problem where the finder could not delete it and I have a gut feeling that your system setup is broken (i.e. /tmp MUST be writeable not only for this script to work). So please open Terminal and make sure that everyone can write to the /tmp folder. You can do this by
      chmod a+w /tmp

      2nd regarding the quick entry window. For me this works fine with OmniFocus 1.7.5. I am guessing that your change basically immediately creates a new task without opening the panel anymore. See, at least I like to be able to see what the script is doing and sometimes intervene (e.g. change title, set due dates, …) which wont work if you immediately push it to your inbox, but I guess this is just a matter of taste.

  3. I am using the latest version of this script you have posted on your site. I am using with the latest Entourage 2008 update and latest OmniFocus. When I highlight multiple emails in Entourage and click Control-O, it doesn’t seem to pull all the emails into Entourage, with a separate task for each, just one (It adds the first email as a task). Any ideas what this could be?

    MD5 ([OF] SendEntourageToOmniFocuscO.scpt) = 03bc3f95c9e5ea22cd331a21858b4899

  4. This script is an absolute life saver. Without this script Omnifocus would have been fairly cumbersome for me. A lot of my action items and todo’s come out of Entourage. Sincere thanks for keeping this going. I had trouble initially, but it was just that I am new to Entourage, and didnt know where the scripting items were.

    And if this can be of any help to newbies out there, it is the “control” key not the “command” key. I struggled with that a little.

    Thanks again for the efforts.

  5. Hi! I use Entourage as first GTD instrument bat Entourage cannot sync with Iphone. The only good solution I’ve found should be using OF with OF for Iphone, bat Entourage cannot sync with OF either. So I’m trying to compile a script to sync in both directions Entourage and OF tasks. Has someone suggestions for me?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. wow thats a tall order. I fear that you wont get this done without a lot of AppleScript if at all. If you server is exchange 2007 you might be able to try applemail/ical on snow leopard or move to google tasks. Otherwise I think you are better off with OmniFocus or Things and create scripts to create TODOs out of mails.

  6. I am using this script with the new Outlook 2011. The only issues are

    1. The script cannot get Outlook to save the file in /tmp, because Outlook does not support saving emails as files at this time!

    2. It still works, and has the email in OF with a link to the actual email in Outlook, but the text is in XMLish type language so its hard to read in OF. I can of course click the link in OF and pull up the original email in Outlook (even if its in the deleted items folder), but I would much prefer it to be working properly where it can actually get the file as an attachment.

    Anyone using it with Outlook 2011? Any ideas?

  7. It works with Outlook 2011 with one problem – 
    “Finder got an error: Can’t get file /tmp/entourage###.eml”

    Task is created fine, though.

    Any way to fix this?


    1. @Johnathan, I have seen this, if you can live with your /tmp folder piling up old emails you can remove the 3 lines with tell “finder” delete theFile. I will work on fixing it once I have time.

  8. First, thanks for great script. Working good with Outlook 2011. The only issue I have is XML-style texts in OF. I can actually open original message, but if I sync with iPhone/iPad description is a must.

    I got this as task content:

  9. Hi Rainer,

    Any idea how to modify the script to set the context in the quick entry panel? In my case, I’d like to be able to default to my ‘waiting’ context.


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