Made some changes to Audiobook Maker

Made some changes to Audiobook Maker dbimage

If you are an audiobook fan like I am, then you probably often wondered how to create nice audiobooks with chapters and all. I am such a guy and have been using Audiobook Maker for a while since its open source and free. However, it has a few shortcomings that made me want some modifications. Unfortunately, it seems that the author has stopped maintaining the app and thus I went to work and made the changes I needed.


  • added warning when file > 350MB or > 14h since usually then ChapterTool bombs out
  • added support to process m4a and mp4 files (however, no bitrate transcoding yet)
  • fixed issues with files containing special characters like spaces, quotes, …

I will ask the developer to integrate the changes, if not, I will post the sources here.

A big thanks to the guys at


which tools I have used in order to process mp4 files.

Audiobook Maker

Audiobook Maker

5 Gedanken zu „Made some changes to Audiobook Maker“

  1. I had been using audiobook maker for a while. but lately, it stopped working. It just stop at the converting of files to AAC and nothing happened after that. I really hope someone can fix it…

    1. well it looks as though this project is abandoned. My changes were never integrated and have not really heard back from the maintainer. My problem is that some of the tools used dont run under snow leopard without installing Rosetta (which I refuse to do). Therefore, I dont use it either anymore.

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