Creating OmniFocus Tasks from Entourage, take 2

Creating OmniFocus Tasks from Entourage, take 2 entourage

This is a different solution to the previous entourage 2 omnifocus problem. This script will create an omnifocus task from an entourage mail message (I believe it will also store the attachments). I found it on the OmniGroup Forum and I like it better than the previous one, since it now also creates a back link.
latest, greatest Entourage to Omnifocus – Page 2 – The Omni Group Forums

The only drawback in my setup is that the mail is subsequently opened in (which can be a plus too, depending on how you see it :). Most likely thats just what the default email app is configured to be to handle .eml files.

You can either use the script directly from the page or take my slightly modified version. The original script saves the file to the users folder where you have to actually change the file name inside the script to make it work for you. I have changed the path to /tmp which works fine for me and is independent of the user.

I also took the liberty to bring Omnifocus to the front which is quite nice.

download the script here.

Place the script in your ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Script Menu Items/ directory

You can rename it if you wish; I put an [OF] so it sorts to the top and groups with more OF scripts as they become available.

The script currently supports importing multiple emails: just select all the emails you want to import (you can command click them to select non-sequential emails), then hit the hotkey (control-O for me).

Entourage Hotkey:
I have also assigned it a keyboard shortcut of control-O for OmniFocus (which you can change by altering the last character in the filename, but be sure to beware of conflicts)

This has been tested with Entourage 2008 on Exchange messages.

Let me know what you think

Update 11.11.2008

I have noticed that my wordpress mangled up the filename of the script. Please rename it to

[OF] SendEntourageToOmniFocuscO.scpt

Update 17.11.2008

I have now placed a zip file for download so that you dont have to rename the script anymore.

In addition as already noted in the comments, in order to make OF open the linked mails in Entourage instead of you have to assign the .eml extension to entourage. You can do this by

  1. drag a mail to the desktop (from Entourage or
  2. select the mail file (should be something.eml) and hit Cmd-I (to show info)
  3. then in the open with dropdown select “Entourage” and click “change all”


this mail rule is out out date, please take a look at the newest posts tagged with “Omnifocus“, to find the latest version.

45 Gedanken zu „Creating OmniFocus Tasks from Entourage, take 2“

  1. Sorry for the rather newbe question, but after moving this script to the foler you mention, I cannot see it in my Entourage script menu. I’ve tried restarting Entourage, as well as renaming the script, but nothing is working. Any ideas?

  2. OK, got it installed and running, but I have no idea where it went in Omnifocus (a new number sits over my omnifocus icon, but nothing is in my inbox)…guess I’m going to have to dig through their help forums to figure this thing out.

  3. when I do that (Omnifocus 1.1 pre and Entourage 2008) as soon as I mark a mail and hit Ctrl-O then I get the quick entry window. In this window you can specify project / context and it will just work like usual. If you dont assign these, then it will end up in the inbox.

  4. @Greg, does the folder “/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Script Menu Items” already exist on your machine? If yes, then you should already see some existing script items in there.
    It might also depend on your office version. I use Office:mac 2008 and there it works great. If you are using an older office version you might wanna rename the script to something else, maybe it shows up then.

  5. I have found that in Entourage 2008 on Leapoard, I have to open the script, compile it and name it the way I want all OUTSIDE of the Entourage Script Menu Items folder, then drop it in. Only then will it work.

    One other question: I just want the link, NOT the body text pasted in. I tried to edit the script to say ’embed = false’ but that had no effect. Any ideas? Thanks!

  6. OK, I just took another look and changed a line in the Omnifocus section:

    set NewTask to make new inbox task with properties {name:theTask, note:” “}

    So that ‘note’ is empty (” “). Now if only I could getthat email link to open in Entourage… (setting default email app to Entourage in does not do it). Any ideas?

  7. @dgastich: thanks for the info. You should be able to get the mail to open with entourage by assigning the .eml extension to entourage. You should probably be able to do this by
    1. drag a mail to the desktop
    2. select the mail file (should be something.eml) and hit Cmd-I (to show info)
    3. then in the open with dropdown select “Entourage” and click “change all”

    1. @Chris, hmm, usually /tmp should always exist which is why I used it. open terminal and type
      ls -l /tmp
      and see if that works. If it does not then do a
      sudo mkdir /tmp
      sudo chmod a+w /tmp

      But as stated before, I would be very surprised if the /tmp folder is not there yet.

  8. Big thanks for your work on this – when I get this to work it’s going to fill a big gap in my OF process.

    My problem: When I run the script from Entourage I get the following error message:

    Microsoft Entourage got an error: Bad name for file. some object

    Any ideas?

  9. Ken Case pointed me in this direction for your script. It works a treat and means that I can use Entourage for the absolute minimum time possible which has made the world an appreciably better place. Thanks.

  10. Stuck with using Entourage until Snow Leopard and Exchange support arrives in 2 months. Thanks for this – works a treat and made my life easier

  11. I love this script. I noticed that it doesn’t work for me anymore. I have done 2 things that might be the culprit. I moved my entire Microsoft User Data directory into a dmg that gets opened as a startup item. I also upgraded to Snow Leopard.
    My Entourage is working without any issues other than this script. I believe I had this working after I implemented working through the dmg but I am not 100% positive. Would it be Snow Leopard perhaps? I can see the script menu flash when I hit the hotkey Control-O. But nothing happens after that.
    Any ideas?

  12. Thanks for the script. It works for me ONLY if OmniFocus is not running. If Omnifocus is running, nothing happens. If i first quit OF, then the script starts OF and creates the task.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  13. I have the same issue as Jim Vetter – I can send a task to OF only when OF is closed. If it is already open, I can see the control-O tries to trigger the script (the script icon highlights), but no task is created in OF.

  14. Rainer – thanks a ton. GTD only really works if everything’s integrated.

    For me the script works fine if Omnifocus isn’t currently running – the subject is in the inbox with the email as an attachment.

    If Omnifocus is already up and running however, nothing seems to happen. Any thoughts? (I figure closing Omni-focus each time will work but isn’t the best.)

  15. I’m having trouble with the lines in the script:

    tell application “Finder”
    delete file theFileName
    end tell

    It’s creating the .eml in the /tmp directory just fine but.

    The error posted is:
    error “Finder got an error: Can’t get file “/tmp/entourage19972.eml”.” number -1728 from file “/tmp/entourage19972.eml”

    lil help.

  16. Hey Rainer – any thoughts on the following error?

    error “Finder got an error: Can’t get file “/tmp/entourage12979.eml”.” number -1728 from file “/tmp/entourage12979.eml”


  17. OK – I fixed that problem. My /tmp directory was a link, so I built a /documents/tmp directory.

    Now the weird thing is it runs error free, then brings up OmniFocus with nothing in the in-box. When I restart Omni-Focus, all of the selected mail messages are there just fine. I can live with this one… clean e-mail, then restart OmniFocus afterwards but it’s a weird one.


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