Beta vs. Stable

Beta vs. Stable imagesBeta vs. Stable beta

I noticed only recently that Aaron has moved the code repository to a new place which is one of the reasons why most of my fixes are not available in more recent stable releases. Unfortunately he forgot to tell me about it. So I will hook up with him in order to get my stuff in sync with the main codebase so that eventually my implemented new features show up in the official stable release.

2 Gedanken zu „Beta vs. Stable“

  1. wazzup with this after a year? 1.2.6 does not have your new features!! should i just run 1.2.1 or stick with 1.2.6 and do without comments? the Day, Week, Month buttons don’t do anything for me..

  2. Well the 2 code bases have drifted apart quite a lot unfortunately and neither Aaron nor me have a lot of free time in order to do the merge it. So you have to pick which version you want.
    Regarding the filter buttons they do work but you have to choose a start date first and then click the filter. Hope that helps

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