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Tooltips on statusbar  TimeTracker OSX b7 statusbar
Tooltips on statusbar

Hey this is a new release of TimeTracker for OSX. It adds a small feature requested by Gadz where it shows the currently selected Project/Task as a tooltip (for the users who have the window mostly closed).

Hope you like it.

Grab it here

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  1. Hi Rainer,

    thanks for creating TimeTracker, I think it’s a great tool.

    Here are a couple of suggestions:

    – Allow users to manually add sessions and allow users to manually adjust existing sessions for those times when you forget to start or stop the tracker.

    – Consider adding a status bar that shows the total time for the *selected* sessions.

    – Use fancy values for dates (Today, Yesterday, etc.) and times (1h 20min) and don’t track seconds. Add a preference to not record sessions shorter than X minutes.

    – I could find or even design some nicer icons if you’re interested, as a thank you for creating TimeTracker.


    Gabriel Radic +33 6 231 44 222
    User Experience Consulting, 8 POINTS

  2. @Gabriel, I am not entirely sure about the first 2 items. I think you can already do those today. You can simply click start/stop immediately and then double click the record and you can then edit start/stop times as well as reassign it to a different project / task if you made a mistake. I use this feature all the time when I forgot to start tracking (just as you mentioned).
    The thing with the status bar for selected sessions is unclear to me as well. Do you mean on the top of the screen a counter that will always listen to (show) a specific task? Or the currently recording task?
    Maybe you can create some mockup so that it gets simpler to understand.

  3. Hi Ranier:
    Great app! Thanks very much.

    I have tried double clicking on a time in order to edit it, and it does open an edit window (where one can add notes), but the window is not useful for editting the start or stop times, since the time portion goes past the end of the window, and the window isn’t resizeable.

    Am I doing something wrong?


  4. Hey, Time Tracker is great. My only issues are with the csv export. I’d like to be able to export date ranges without my current workaround which is renaming the times.csv file every Monday.

    My second issue is the delimiter character-it’s a semicolon and Excel is looking for a comma. Can this be changed? Or is there a way to fix Excel so it recognizes the semicolon?


  5. Hey, here’s another issue with export: Anything I put in the comments gets some sort of linebreak character appended, like so:

    “New Project”;”New Task”;”2008-08-25″;”2008-08-25 16:36″;”2008-08-25 16:36″;”00:00″;”Comment{

    It would be nice not to have to manually edit this out. I can’t seem to avoid it no matter what I do.

    Thanks again,

  6. @Maurice: I had the export working fine with NeoOffice. I just tried with Excel and there it worked fine as well. From my windows days I think the root of the problem is the locale you have set up (in mine it works fine with semicolon). I will try to add a configuration option that will let you choose the delimiter and a general option to turn off the auto export. Finally I will try to check the manual export from the menu. As I dont use the csv export really, dont expect it to happen all too soon (but hopefully this week still).

  7. Thanks, rainer.

    I just want to be clear that I’m not having any problem importing, it’s just that Excel won’t open the file directly because of the semicolons.

    Choice of delimiter would obviously be great, and much appreciated.

    Do you have an idea why the comment would export with the extra characters at the end?


  8. The export with the extra chars is most likely due to the fact that I am using rich text for the comments (even though you cannot enter it that way yet). Most likely there is some issue when downconverting into normal text. Need to check.

  9. I downloaded TimeTracker OSX b7 and was wondering what happened to the CSV export? The notes feature is very helpful, but the app is almost useless without the CSV export. Print is extremely lacking as well. So, really have no viable options for creating a report. Am I missing something here?

  10. @Michael: it seems that Aaron has moved his svn repository from googlecode to somewhere else without letting me know (hmm, hm). Anyway currently the csv export happens automatically everytime the data is saved (which is very frequently). The file is located in your user home directory and called times.csv. As a few other guys have requested I will probably add Aarons manual export too and make the export more configurable.
    BTW, it always helps to read the older timetracker posts to know what has happened and what the additional features are.

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