aGTD Open Sourced

Hey, I was working on an Android project that I submitted to the code contest. Since it did not win anything, I am open sourcing it. If you need sample source for data sources or combobox autocompletion this might help you.

agtd – Google Code

aGTD Open Sourced screenshot1

As stated in the page, I am currently trying to port this application to the iPhone and make it play nicely together with iGTD on the Mac.

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    1. Hi Sven. Not really. aGTD at this point doesn’t even compile since google has quite dramatically changed a few Apis that aGTD was using (it was written with android 0.8). I have lost a bit interest and haven’t spent any more time on it. Agtd syncs via imap so if you can make iGTD use imap then you might have a remote chance.

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